Explore Rentals is a brick-and-mortar business in Bozeman, Montana (Belgrade actually, but they are one in the same) that offers car rentals and outdoor gear rentals. The only Franchise-Free truly independent car rental agency in Bozeman, that also rents really cool stuff like travel trailers, camping gear, drift boats, and much, much more. Founded in 2010, under the auspicious name of Phasmid Rentals, the company later changed its name to something more memorable – Explore Rentals. The ownership, the building, and the service all remain the same. Just an easier Bozeman name to pronounce. The Founder/ Owner of Explore, Will Casella, came up with the idea while on a fishing and camping road trip in New Zealand. He had become so attached to his purchased and outfitted 1983 Toyota Landcruiser that he couldn’t bear to sell her at the end of the trip. Figuring that there are certainly more DIYers like himself, some other nut must be willing to rent “The Hippo” versus having to absorb the cost (and risk) of purchasing and outfitting their own vehicle. And so the concept of Explore was born. Explore opened doors in Bozeman, Montana the summer of 2010 with a couple of rental cars and a little bit of rental gear out of a small warehouse on the east side of Bozeman. The business grew, new cars were added, rental gear started multiplying, and in the summer of 2011 Explore (at that time Phasmid) moved location adjacent to the Bozeman Airport (BZN) into a purpose-built rental car facility. We continue to grow and are incredibly proud of our extremely high repeat guest ratio, the wonderful reviews, and most importantly the great Experiences that we know our guests have.


Our guest’s experience is our primary goal, and we go to extensive lengths to make sure your time in Montana is as enjoyable as possible. Achieving this high-level experience requires many steps; from offering the best rental cars available for Montana conditions, upgraded tires for safety, to the best camping gear available on the market, to a capable and knowledgeable team that can help you get to all of the good places. Explore is the first and original car and outdoor gear provider in the country. Every year another company tries to copy our model, but our level of service and quality of available rental items has yet to be matched. You can probably find a cheaper rental car or crappy tent to rent from our competitors, but you will not find anything better than what we have to offer. At Explore, we do not cut corners. As a result, our guest’s level of Experience in Montana is as comfortable, safe, and easy as possible.



Explore Pro: Bryce

Bryce is our resident trout and elk junky. When not working, good luck finding him