Best Reviewed Bozeman Airport Car Rental, for Over A Decade.

Explore Rentals is Bozeman’s first and only, truly independent, Bozeman Airport Car Rental agency. Since 2010, we have been offering superior rental cars with excellent service for visitors to Bozeman, Big Sky, and Yellowstone National Park. At Explore Rentals we know that a large part of your time in Montana will be your time on the road in between your destinations, and your car rental is a pivotal part of this experience. We also know that environmental conditions in Montana vary 12-months of the year, therefore we only rent four wheel drive and all wheel drive cars.






Because your time, and safety are valuable.

Explore Rentals is Bozeman’s original independent car rental agency offering superior rental cars plus rental camping gear, bear spray, optics and rental rafts. We are a brick-and-mortar car rental agency offering the nicest and newest fleet of rental 4WD and AWD cars in Bozeman, Montana- and have been doing it a long time.

In the in winter, every one of our vehicles are equipped with premium snow tires. In the summer, our Chevrolet Suburbans have upgraded 10-ply tires (LRE). All of our rental Subaru Outbacks are full time All-Wheel-Drive cars, and all have snow tires in the winter. We also have the largest fleet of rental 12-passenger 4×4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter passenger vans in the country, all with snow tires in the winter as well. We also offer rental Toyota Tacomas and rental Chevrolet Silverados with truck caps, snow tires, and many hundreds of pounds of sand in the back for traction for winter.

Conveniently located right next to the Bozeman Airport, Explore Rentals has been serving visitors to Big Sky, Bozeman, Yellowstone National Park and the rest of Montana for over a decade. We are not a ride-share/ car-share business. We are experienced professionals offering a safe, reliable, and consistent rental car experience. No waiting in line, ever, with superior rental cars for Montana adventures.

Our no-compromise attitude towards making sure our rentals have the best snow tires available and our relentless safety, inspection, and cleaning standards ensure that you have the best (and safest) available rental car on the road.

Car Rentals Bozeman Airport (BZN), Big Sky, and Yellowstone National Park

Explore Rentals is the closest Bozeman Airport Car Rental​ agency to the Bozeman Airport, just 1.2 miles east of the entrance to BZN. Our location allows for extremely fast and convenient Bozeman airport service.

We are happy to drop off rental cars at BZN in one of our dedicated parking spots right outside of Arrivals, however, the Airport requires we charge a 10% Concession Fee as it does with any licensed car rental operators. Many of our customers choose to take a Lyft, Uber, or Taxi to our location (less than 5-minutes away) in order to avoid this fee.