Camping with a CPAP

by | Jun 3, 2019

Goal Zero Rentals Bozeman, MT
Goal Zero Rentals in Bozeman

The thought of camping while using a CPAP can be worrisome, however, at Explore Rentals we’re here to make sure you can go enjoy all of what Montana has to offer while still being confident that your CPAP will run through the night. 

Through client testimonial and personal use, we can offer insights into using your CPAP while camping throughout Montana. 

The first step to using your CPAP on the go is hooking up to the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station.  A small, portable power station, the Yeti 400 works much like a generator, but without the noise or gasoline. The Yeti 400 runs off of a lithium battery, making it silent and extremely efficient. The Explore team paired up the Yeti 400 with two separate CPAPs to get an idea of how long you can run your CPAP while on the go. 

First, a small portable travel CPAP with no humidifier or heated hose was used. This particular unit draws about 0.7 amps. Hooked up to the Goal Zero Yeti 400, run time on the CPAP was roughly 35 hours. 

Next, a more traditional home unit CPAP was used that has a 48 inch heated hose and humidifier. This home unit draws about 7 amps. Run time on the Goal Zero Yeti 400 was roughly 8 hours with this set up. 

The great part about the Yeti 400 is that when paired with a Goal Zero solar panel like the Boulder 100 Briefcase, it can be recharged the on the go. Simply set out the solar panel while relaxing at your campsite, attach it to the power bank, and let the sun charge your battery. When paired this way, you can be confident that your CPAP will have juice to last for however long you need it. 

If you have more questions, thoughts or concerns regarding camping in Montana with a CPAP, give us a ring at 406-922-0179 or shoot us email at We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.