There is literally, nothing on this earth, the Bozelander cannot overcome. Explore Rentals has painstakingly used a combined 65-years of overlanding experience to develop the most capable, earth crushing, rental assault vehicle to grace this planet. Everything we could think of, has been thought of. We have meticulously melded custom polymers and HDPE. We have calibrated the tightest of tolerances with military grade steel. We have checked, by hand, every single of the 25,000 LED lights. We have machined, riveted, and billeted more space-age materials than are even comprehensible. 

This is not your mama’s rental car.

This is the #BOZELANDER. 


But wait, there’s more. A lot more. We have taken our baddest-ass Mercedes 4X4 Sprinters and converted them into the ultimate, off-grid, #vanlife awesomeness- ever. The XL maintains the Bozelander mantra of “Seek. Destroy. Conquer. Relax.” but all within the confines of a 6.5′ high metal box with wheels. Experience all the unpleasantries of #vanlife, without spending $150,000. 

This is not just a van down by the river. 

This is the #BOZELANDERXL.