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Perfectly rigged rental rafts for day trips and overnight adventures


Rental Raft Bozeman

Bozeman Rental Rafts – Explore Rentals has been in the raft rental business since 2016 and proudly has the largest fleet of rental boats in Southwest Montana. Our rental rafts are all rigged for for comfort, safety, ease of use, and fishability. Whether you are doing an overnight adventure on the Smith River, a pack trip into the South Fork of the Flathead, or a family fun day down the Yellowstone- we have a boat for you.

All of our Bozeman Rental Rafts come fully rigged and ready to float. Our boats are rigged with oar frames with additional seating in bow and stern. Every raft rental includes three life jackets (more available by request), extra oar, pump, and repair kit. Anchor systems and bow leaning bars on our 14′ – 15′ boats. Our rafts are also all on trailers, and we are happy to stack rafts (max 2) if you need a couple of boats for one trip.

12' Raft Rental
Rental raft Bozeman, MT
Raft Rental Bozeman

We work really hard to make sure your raft rental experience with Explore is as easy and safe as possible, so even novice rafters can get out on the water comfortably and with confidence. 

Will C.

Owner, Explore Rentals

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