Bozeman Airport Ground Transportation Options

Unofficial Bozeman Airport Guide
Unofficial Bozeman Airport Guide

Here is some information on ground transportation options at the Bozeman Airport, shared from our friends at the Unofficial Bozeman Airport Guide:

Around Bozeman and the Bozeman Airport.

Navigating ground transportation options at Bozeman Airport, BZN.

Although Bozeman Airport may be the busiest airport in Montana, it is still small in comparison to any major city airport. Ground transportation, either to a friends house, Yellowstone, or to Big Sky is limited to very few options:

Bozeman Taxi Services:

Taxis are nearly non-existent in the area and are typically extremely expensive. There is not a ‘Taxi Line’ at BZN, you must arrange in advance through the Taxi company. 2017 was a transitional year for the State of Montana Public Service Commission laws, so now all of a sudden the old monopolistic players have some competition.

As of winter of 2017, there are some new options at BZN. First and foremost, our newest favorite; VexiRide. They have clean and well cared for caravans, and their driver’s are professional (non-smoking). And they show up (this is a big change over previous Bozeman Taxi companies). UBER is also now operational in Montana. There BZN service is typically pretty good. Lyft has been rumored to start operations here, but we have not seen any of their cars yet.

The traditional “taxi” services still exist, but they are as sketchy as ever.

Bozeman and Belgrade Hotel Shuttles:

Many of the hotels (major chains only) offer free airport shuttle. This can be useful if you have very late arrivals or early departures. We HIGHLY recommend verifying with your the hotel when there shuttle is running and that it is still free of charge. The Holiday Inn Express Belgrade, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Bozeman, Best Western Gran Tree, La Quinta Bozeman, among others, have a free (reliable) shuttle. Very few, if any, of the less expensive Motels offer shuttle service. Money saved by staying at local motels is often lost on paying for shuttle/ taxi service.

Bozeman Private Limo Service:

Classic Limo is the big player in town and have stepped up their game. On the small side they have some AWD Lincoln Towncars, some nice new Suburbans, and also we have seen a Mercedes 4wd Sprinter and a Tesla with their logo on it. Course the Tesla would be pushing the edge with a 120-mile round trip to Big Sky… They are reliable and professional and seem to have the best fleet right now.

Shuttle to Big Sky and Taxi offers transportation services from BZN to Big Sky. Private, one-way service to Big Sky starts at $200+ EACH WAY. They seem to be running the standard black Suburbans with snow tires and roof boxes. Shared services, if available, are more affordable.

Big Sky Shuttle. The ‘Luxury” company. $235 each way in a GMC Yukon XL or Nissan 4×4 van.

Bozeman airport Car Rental:

Bozeman Airport Car Rental Agencies.

There are the on airport rental car Franchises, and off-airport rental car companies. It is worth noting that BZN has the highest concession fees on rental cars in the state of Montana. By using one of the off-airport rental car companies you can save 10 – 15% off your total cost.

Car rental from Bozeman Airport is often the most cost effective and logical solution. Few visitors to Bozeman realize the distances between everything, and that public transportation is nearly non-existent. Unless if you are visiting town on business and all of your transportation will be provided, you will need a rental car. We regularly hear regrets from visitors to Big Sky and surrounding attractions about not renting a car. Even in Big Sky, if you want to venture outside of the resort you will need a rental car. Attractions, restaurants, and venues from the resort to Meadow Village are 8-miles apart- with very limited public transport.

The major US rental car companies (Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, Budget, Thrifty) have on-airport locations at BZN. During peak times, expect lines at the counter for vehicle pick-up, and in winter expect an icey parking lot.  Unless if you are visiting in off-peak times (April, May, October, November) booking a reservation in advance is highly recommended. Prices of rental cars, especially SUVs and 4wd vehicles (highly recommended at all times of the year) can be extraordinary. It is not uncommon for ‘Economy’ cars to be $60+/ day and ‘Premium SUVs’ to be $350+/ day.

There are two off-airport rental car companies in Bozeman that offer reliable service to BZN, with cheaper rates

Explore Rentals, Ressler Toyota Rent-a-Car, and Journey Rent A Car. Explore Rentals is in immediate proximity to BZN (1.2 miles) and offers Subaru Outback rentals, Chevrolet Suburban rentals, and Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 rentals. Toyota Rent-a-Car is located 12-miles from airport and offers all new models of Toyotas to rent. Journey Rent A Car rents Suburbans and economy cars and is located 9-miles from BZN.

Explore Rentals is the closest in proximity to BZN and has the best reviews. However, all visitors are encouraged to look at customer reviews via a reputable site, such as Yelp!

Pricing for the off-airport rental car companies is typically significantly less than the on-airport rental car companies.

Using one of the BZN Off-Airport rental car companies is a good way to save some money. Please note that the off-airport rental car companies are required to charge the 10% concession fee if they pick you up at the airport, so the savings are only possible if you make it to the rental car company locations.

Shuttle and bus service:

Karst Stage is offering new airport shuttle service from Bozeman Airport to Big Sky ($50/person), West Yellowstone ($100/person), and Mammoth Hot Springs ($157/person). They also offer private shuttles. View their schedule for 2013 here. Private van to Big Sky $450 RT, Private SUV to Big Sky $538 RT.