Rental Campers, and Campervans

Explore is the source for rental campers and campervans in the Gallatin Valley.

We offer innovative solutions for inside-the-car camping, AKA, Campervans. We custom make interior beds to convert our Subaru Outbacks into super-efficient campers (The Sleep-A-Ru), our Suburbans into veritably luxurious campers (The Zzz-Burbans). These are extremely nice to use in spring or summer when tent condensation is an issue, or when traveling quickly in between spots when one doesn’t want to waste time breaking camp.

Our recent addition is with a local company making extremely innovative camper shells for our Toyota Tacomas (The Tacampers). The beauty of these is that they are extremely easy to set up and take down, and while not in use they act like a standard truck cap.

Lastly, we have the UMAVs. The Ultimate Montana Adventure Vehicle. This set-up is comprised of burly Chevrolet Duramax 2500HD Z71, 4-door trucks with Northstar 850SC pop-up camper. This set-up gets amazingly good gas mileage (about 17 on the highway), runs on solar so you can be off-grid indefinitely, and can go pretty much anywhere you should be going. And you can still tow a boat. The UMAV can sleep 2-3 comfortably and are equipped with everything you need to feel at home.

If you are looking to rent a bed with wheels for your Montana Adventure, Explore has you covered!

The Sleep-A-Ru

Rental Subaru Camper

The Zzz-Burban

Rental Suburban Camper

The Tacamper

Rental Tacomas with Campers