Explore is the source for rental travel trailers and campers in Bozeman. Call them whatever you want – Canned Hams, Campers, Bumper Pulls – it is all good. All of our rental Campers are towable by 1/2 Ton trucks and many are towable by V6 Crossovers and SUVs. Or, you can rent one of our Suburbans or Tacomas to tow with.

We also offer innovative solutions for inside-the-car camping, AKA, Campervans. We custom make interior beds to convert our Subaru Outbacks into super-efficient campers (The Sleep-A-Ru), our Suburbans into veritably luxurious campers (The Zzz-Burbans), and our most recent addition is with a local company making extremely innovative camper shells for our Toyota Tacomas (The Tacampers).

If you are looking to rent a bed with wheels for your Montana Adventure, Explore Rentals has got you covered!