The Zzz-Burban


Meet the Zzz-burban, the second best campervan rental in the world!

  • Custom 4″ upholstered folding foam mattress
  • 78″ x 48″, flat, level, sleeping surface with storage underneath
  • Custom tailgate tent. Fits on the back of the tailgate to allow ventilation and keep out the bugs on nights you are not so worried about bears
So you want to go deep into the outdoors and not have to worry about getting eaten by bears or setting up a tent? This is the product for you!

Expanding on our concept of the Sleep-A-Ru, we have made custom inserts that fit into our rental Chevrolet Suburbans that allow for two large adults to sleep comfortably inside the vehicle at night, and to be able to transport a boat-load of gear during the day.

This is great option for couples/ friends that want the option of sleeping inside the vehicle but also need the ability to tow or carry lots of gear. It is extremely nice to use in spring or summer when tent condensation is an issue, or when traveling quickly in between spots when one doesn’t want to waste time breaking camp.

And on a serious note: bears. There are many campgrounds in and around Yellowstone that do not allow for ‘soft-sided’ camping. This includes tents and pop-up trailers/ campers. If you roll the windows up in the Zzz-burban, you have a bear-proof fortress.

Throw one of our NRS drift boats on the back, and you have a go-anywhere fishing machine.

Author’s Note: The boss, his dog Auggie, and his 6’7″ cousin ‘product tested’ the Zzz-burban for a 10-day hunting/ fishing trip in the fall. All three were able to sleep comfortably (barring Auggie sleeping on boss’s head) without too much touching.  2° was the coldest night, and the only problem was frozen condensation on the inside of the windows- easily sorted out without leaving sleeping bag by using the remote starter to get car

warmed up. Rumor has it they were still talking to each other at the end of 10-days, so a very good sign as to the comfort of sleeping/ gear arrangements.