Cancellation Policy

Exterior of Explore Rentals in winter


The vast majority of our customers reserve vehicles 3+ months in advance and we do not do last-minute business- so if you cancel on us close to your arrival date, there is very little chance we will be able to rebook your vehicle. Therefore, our policy exists to mitigate lost revenue as a result of last minute cancellation. It is as fair as we can be.

1. Cancellation outside of 14-days from your scheduled arrival, your 15% deposit will be refunded in full.

2. Cancellation less than 14-days of your scheduled arrival date, your 15% deposit is forfeited. We will not transfer your deposit to future travel, as that is only further revenue loss for us.

3. If you decide to shorten your reservation once your rental period has commenced, you are liable for your unused days. Example: you reserve a car for 9-days and decide to shorten your reservation to 7-days last minute, you still need to pay for your 2-unused days. Think of it this way: if you order a steak at a restaurant and only eat half, you are not going to ask for a refund on your uneaten portion, correct?

4. If there is a State or Federal travel ban instituted and you are not legally allowed to arrive into Montana, we will refund your deposit in full.

5. If a member of your party contracts Covid and you choose not to come within your 14-days of arrival, you will forfeit your deposit. Same goes for bad snow, you broke your toe, poor fishing report, etc.  Nor will deposits be refunded for adverse weather conditions. We have heard every excuse imaginable, save your breath, it isn’t going to happen.

6. Cancellation stinks for everybody. If you stick to your original reservation, your rental with us will be the best rental car experience you have ever had. If you are the kind of person that is likely to ask for a refund on a half-eaten steak, we are probably not the right rental car company for you.

7. Sorry if you think our policy is harsh. However, we do not do last minute/ walk-in business. Therefore, if you cancel within 14-days, there is very little chance we will book that car out again. You are losing your 15% deposit, we are losing 85% revenue. It stinks a lot worse for us.

8. If you pay your balance in full, in advance (do not do this, there are explicit instructions to not do this), and cancel- you will be refunded your deposit in full, but the balance you were not supposed to pay will be refunded less 6% credit card transaction fees. Again, do not pay your full balance in advance.

9. We will provide a 2-hour, 100% deposit refund grace period from the time of booking so you have ample time to digest these policies if you decide we are not the right business for you. Example: you put a deposit down on a rental car at 9:05am. You have until 11:04am to cancel and receive a full deposit refund, no questions asked, regardless of when the rental commencement period begins. After that, caveat emptor.

10. There are NO exceptions to this policy, ever.

11. We have tried to make these policies as apparent as possible throughout your booking process. It is impossible for you to have booked without receiving a direct link to these policies at least once.


If you require complete flexibility with your reservation, without risk of cancellation penalty, we are not the right business for you. 


If you are willing to accept the minority share of risk (your 15% deposit), we will provide you with a safer, cleaner, rental car than any other business around.