The cleanest/ most sterile rental experience possible

We are taking the cleaning and disinfection of our rental cars extremely seriously, for your safety, and our safety. For the time being, we have changed our pick-up and drop-off procedures to be contactless, and we have added some new extra cleaning steps, and new technology, to ensure that you have the absolutely cleanest rental car/ rental gear possible.


We are now doing all rental documents in advance digitally, whether you pick up your rental car at the office or the Bozeman Airport. Typically, you will book online or via phone. 3-4 business days prior to your scheduled arrival you will receive a text from our office cell phone requesting a photo of your driver’s license so we can verify your ID. You will also receive an email from Adobe Echosign that will have your rental agreement to available to read and digitally sign. On your day of arrival, you will receive a text photo of your exact car, in it’s requested pick-up location, with instructions on how to find the keys. A copy of your rental agreement will be inside the center console. 

On your departure, you may leave the vehicle in outdoor premium parking section B1, right across from arrivals. No charge if you pay the BZN Concession fee, $12 if you have not paid the concession fee. Text us a photo of the car, and we will come and pick it up. 


  1. Prior to cleaning commencement, we allow car to air-out, or bake, as long as possible. We will then wipe down all high touch areas with an alcohol based disinfectant in order to protect our team as best as possible.
  2. Vacuum and removal of any debris.
  3. Second disinfecting wipe down.
  4. Clean all windows.
  5. Move the vehicle to our UV-C light disinfection tunnel (Irradiation). The interior of the vehicle will be treated from multiple angles for, at the very least, minimum disinfection period of 30-minutes, per row of seats.
  6. One of our team members, with mask and new gloves, will move the vehicle to the front of our shop, or to premium parking at the Bozeman Airport, for your pick up. One final alcohol wipe down on contact points, and we will seal the door with tape, ensuring no other contact has been made within the vehicle.
  7. One of our Covid-Kits are included with each rental car. This includes rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. We greatly appreciate all customers wiping down touch points at the end of their rental to protect our team.


By prior arrangement, we can move the vehicle or any rental gear to our UV-C disinfection area, and you (the renter) can drive the vehicle out from there. This ensures that no one will have touched the vehicle after the final disinfection process.


  1. Items are irradiated for a minimum required period prior to beginning our cleaning process.
  2. Items are cleaned and dried.
  3. All touch and contact points are wiped down with 80% isopropyl alcohol solution.
  4. Items are again irradiated, than packaged in new plastic zip bags (when possible). Bags are then sealed, signed, and dated and remain that way until picked up for rental.


  • Campers and Campervans: Lots of UV-C light prior to us starting cleaning process, and at the end of cleaning process. We are providing linen kits in sterilized plastic bags rather than making beds for people. Disinfecting wipes are provided to renter, please wipe down all surfaces at end of rental period to protect our team.
  • Sleeping bags: returned sleeping bags are sent directly to professional cleaners where they are chemically and heat cleaned and stored in plastic bags.
  • Linen Kits: All linens go straight to professional cleaner who uses industrial cleaning and disinfecting processes.
  • Rafts: All rafts are washed with hot water high pressure and stored outside. Oar handles are disinfected. Really, really low chance of spread here, but not much else we can do.
  • Coolers: Bleach.
  • Dry Bags, Backpacks: Hard surfaces wiped down with chemical disinfectant, soft surfaces spend time under UV-C light.
  • Cooking Kits: Heat sterilization in dishwasher when possible, otherwise elbow grease, hot water, and soap. Signed and sealed when clean in plastic bags.


We are doing our best, and we appreciate efforts by our renters to ensure the safety of our team. Masks are required inside our office.