The long-anticipated opening of Bozeman’s newest establishment, Copper, has come. Former managers of the downtown staple, Bacchus, have paired up with investors, the former chef of Boodles, and the prime service staff from other Bozeman establishment to create the newest ‘grown-up’ venue in Bozeman.

We went on the second night of opening; immediately greeted by a welcoming atmosphere resplendent with heavy woods, leather, and yes- copper. Surprisingly for a new restaurant, it was packed. The hostess eventually greeted us and proved to be a semi-rude, clueless soul, so we ventured into the bar area to take out chances. Very quickly an ultimate favorite server/ bartender from Bacchus came up and recommended holding on for a minute as her table was about to leave. Happy to do so, and after a friendly chat with the tables tenants (who raved about the food), we were seated in the bustling bar area.

The decor was certainly tasteful and ‘Montana’ without being gauche. Their custom brand adorned seemingly everything, however, remained very tasteful in doing so. Frankly, everything seemed ‘right’ with the feel and one could have easily been transported to the upper east side of NYC or to Bariloche, Argentina. So far, I was very impressed.

Chef Scottie’s menu was equaling pleasing with nice twists on Montana favorites without being burdened by the traditional. Small things like a Blackened Grouper Sandwich are very nice to see on the menu in a land plagued by meat and potatoes. Although I would term the menu as being ‘fancy bar food,’ it was still the most ambitious and unique menu I have seen in Bozeman for ages. The execution did not fail either. We started with smoked chicken wings in a trio of sauces. Wonderfully presented and very tasty. Glad I tried, but honestly would probably not order again. She had a beet and goat cheese salad, which was very good. I had the Copper Burger, which was perhaps the best I have had in town- certainly only potentially rivaled by the Mint in Belgrade. Fried was good, but not game-changing (like Bar3 BBQ). Overall, I was very, very pleased with the food. Especially considering this was only the second night of business and they were slammed.

Service was great and I was thrilled to see my favorite girl from Bacchus is now at my new favorite bar/ restaurant. I am sure the menu will only improve as Chef Scottie has certainly proven himself to be one of the best (if not the best) in Bozeman. Jay and John are without a doubt great managers and it is hard to envision Copper not finding wonderful success in the future. Hopefully, the will keep the prices up to keep the college kids and bro-brahs out, and create the much needed ‘adult’ venue.

Thrilled to see this place in town, I will be back, and back often.