Covid Safe Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

Keeping it safe in 2020/21

For 2020, or at least until we have a vaccination, we are going to great lengths to protect our employees, and you, the renter. Things are fluid, and subject to change. If you have any questions, please call 406-922-0179.

What we request of you (if you have not done so already):
  1. A photograph of the primary driver’s Driver’s License. You can respond to, or text to 406-580-8309
  2. The email address of primary driver, if different from this address.
  3. Your arrival flight number and flight time into BZN, and your departure flight number and time out of BZN. If you are flying private, which FBO, tail number if you have it, and approximate times.
  1. 3-4 business days prior to your scheduled arrival date you will receive your rental documents to digitally sign, via Adobe Echosign. Please read, this is a contract. Fill out required fields, you can list the names of additional drivers (must be 21+) for no charge, digitally sign and hit send.
  2. About an hour prior to your scheduled touchdown time, you will receive a text message from us with a photo of your exact rental car and where to find the keys. If it is a Bozeman Airport pick-up, the vehicle will most likely be in section B1 right outside of arrivals. The airport will be in the background of the photo so you can orient yourself. If it is an office pick up, please make sure you are getting in the correct vehicle- there will likely be others staged for pick up. If private, keys will be left with concierge- they will handle the rest.
  3. Your car has been fully disinfected with prodigious amounts of alcohol and UV-C light sterilization. If it smells a little boozy, this is why.
  4. Inside the vehicle you will find a printed copy of your rental agreement inside the center console, as well as some maps. In the cup holder you will find a plastic bag with rubber gloves, alcohol wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer for your use. There is also an ice scraper, usually behind the driver’s seat in Suburbans/ trucks or in the door of the Subarus.
  5. Prior to you driving away, please take photos of each side of the car for your own records. We will have noted on your paper copy of rental contract (in center console) any existing damage, and will have photos ourselves- but the more transparency between us the better.
  6. Head off and enjoy your vacation. We will be in the office if you have any questions, but there will really be no need to come in unless you would like to. Please, no more than two members of a party inside the office (it is small) at any time. NOTE: Masks are required inside businesses in Montana. If you do not have a mask handy, there are some disposable ones in a stainless bucket by the front door. There is also a trash can outside of office door for their disposal.
  1. In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we are allowing all renters to leave the vehicles at the Bozeman Airport in premium outdoor parking right outside of departures. The easiest way to do this: pull up to the Departures terminal. Let the family get the bags out and head inside. You, the driver, continue like you are exiting airport. Get in left most lane. Just past the first 90° turn, you can enter PREMIUM PARKING. Take the ticket, leave in cup holder. Park in E1, right across from departures if you are departing prior to 4:00 PM. Park in E2, if after 4:00 PM (no overnight parking allowed in E1).
  2. Please wipe down touch points (steering wheel, shift knob, arm rests) with provided alcohol wipes and bunch the used ones and any used PPE back into the plastic bag for our safety.
  3. Get your bags and stuff out. Double check you have all of your stuff. Then with driver’s door open, hit lock on key fob. Put keys in center console, shut all doors, locking keys inside. We will open with second set of keys.
  4. Take photos of each side of vehicle so you have a record of the condition the vehicle is left in.
  5. Text us a photo of the car so we can find it, and we will come and pick it up.
NOTE: If you are picking up the car at the office upon your arrival in order to avoid paying the 10% Bozeman Airport Concession Fee, we will charge an additional $12 (the amount we have to pay in order to get the vehicle out of Parking) to your final bill. It is cheaper and a heck of a lot less hassle than dealing with an UBER on your departure.
Important things:
  • Our office phone number is 406-922-0179, 9-5pm, 7-days a week.
  • Our office cell phone number is 406-580-8309. You can communicate via text to this number. One of our team members has this phone on them 24-hours a day, however, please refrain from calling after hours unless it really is an emergency.
  • Please, please, please do not leave any used PPE or used tissues in the vehicles. It is super gross and a health risk.
  • We cannot emphasize enough the importance of you taking before and after photos for your own records. It makes life a lot easier when we are fully transparent with each other.
  • The remaining balance for your rental will be charged to your credit card on file once we pick up upon your departure.