What a fantastic customer experience! We thoroughly enjoyed your employees (Laura gets well-deserved kudos, and a new windshield), your vehicle, and your excellent customer service. We will certainly look forward to using your car rental agency for our next trip.

Our 10 day trip to Montana got off to a rough start with flight cancellations and missing suitcases. But Laura’s smile, and patience, helped us feel welcome once we arrived. She waited while we dealt with the airline and gave excellent directions to the nearest mall, where we could buy something to wear until we were reconnected with our lost luggage. Their office was quite close to the Bozeman airport and we were quickly on our way. The car was a new Subaru Outback in a nice metallic brown – we named her Goldie, in the tradition of personalizing the Phasmid fleet. She had lots of room for four adults and, eventually, all their bags. After 2500 miles to Whitefish, Glacier and Yellowstone, she felt more like home than any of our hotel rooms.

I highly recommend Phasmid car rentals for their convenience, courtesy, and outstanding customer service. My medical students will tell you I don’t believe in grade inflation, but these folks earned an A+!