Hunting Truck Rental in Bozeman

Rental Truck in Bozeman

Better trucks for hunting in Southwest Montana

Are you looking for Hunting Truck Rental in Bozeman? So you drew a tag or have decided to come out for general rifle or archery season and all your logistics are coming together except for one major thing: a decent rig for getting off-the-grid and into the animals. Well, you found the right place. For over a decade Explore Rentals has been renting ideally outfitted trucks for Montana adventures. Our no-compromise attitude to the quality of our rental trucks ensures you have what you need to do what you want.

Everyone of our rental trucks have legit all-terrain tires, are true 4WD with 4WD Low, and have lockable truck caps so you can keep your gear secure.

Just because we “get it” doesn’t mean trashing our rigs is acceptable. Hose the blood out, don’t leave any spitters or smoke inside, and understand that if you do any damage you will pay for it- and you will get one of the best rental trucks on the planet for doing actual outdoors things.


Rental Truck Bozeman

Rental Chevrolet 4×4 Silverado Z71 1500s

We upped our truck game for 2022 and ordered five bad-ass new trucks. We have learned a little over the years and put that experience together to create what we think is the perfect Montana rig. The Z71 offroad package provides better rubber, skid plate protection, suspension, and a couple of other little things- which will get you anywhere you need to go barring true jeep trails and bad life choices. All of Silverados are four-door, 6.5′ beds, and five total seat belts. They are all also the 3.0L DIESEL engine. This means you get torque for days, and 27mpg. 

On top of that, all of our 1500s have super sweet lockable ARE truck caps with Yakima cross bars. Meaning you can mount one of our awesome rental Yakima SkyRise roof-top tents. DoubleHaul fly rod tubes, roof boxes, or Big Agnes awnings. Inside the truckbed you will find the super-awesome DECKED storage system, offering organized storage and additional security for firearms. 

If your buddy showed up in one of these trucks, you would likely say “that is one bad-ass rig”. To be able to actually rent one of these trucks is another groundbreaking first from Explore Rentals. 

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Rental Truck Bozeman

Rental 3/4 ton Trucks in Bozeman

Sometimes you need a really big truck, sometimes you just want a really big truck. Well- we have got them; Chevrolet 2500 Silverado Z71s. 4- door, 6- seat belts, Michelin All Terrain tires in the summer and Blizzaks in the winter. All of our trucks have lockable ARE truck caps.

We also have custom aluminum frame storage platforms in the back that allow us to have 500+ pounds of sand over the axles, greatly improving winter traction without getting in the way of your luggage.

Big Horn Sheep Photo
Big Horn Sheep Photo
Big Horn Sheep Photo
Rental Trucks in Bozeman
Rental Tacoma in Bozeman

Rental Toyota Tacomas in Bozeman

There are not many vehicles like the ubiquitous Taco; capable, fun, and pretty damned cool. Anyway, we have a handful of TRD Offroad, 6.5′ bed, 4-door, with locable ARE caps for rent. These have Cooper AT3 tires in the summer, and dedicated snow tires in the winter.

Our Tacoma’s also feature our custom truck bed storage systems that allow for organized and easy summer storage, plus a perfectly flat platform to sleep on. In the winter we load up the storage platform with 500lbs of sand to greatly improve winter driving safety.

Rental Tacoma in Bozeman