Rental Overland Toyota Tacoma in Bozeman, MT

In the ongoing search to offer the most innovative rental items, Jack, our Shop Manager, found a good one for us this winter. Meet the “Tacamper;” the lightest, fastest, 4wd camper- ever.


The guys behind the extremely well thought out camper are Go Fast Campers. Coincidentally enough, they are also located here in Belgrade, MT. They are a couple of Gearhead overland travel guys, who have cashed in all their chips to manufacture these campers. The beauty of these campers is they are extremely easy to set up and take down, and while not in use they act like a standard truck cap. They are also light and aerodynamic enough to have almost no effect on fuel economy.

If and when you want to camp, you have roughly a 1-minute set-up time. Or, if you just want a bomber pick-up truck to explore Montana with (with a cap- so you do not have to worry about your stuff getting wet or stolen), you have got that as well.

Of course being who we are, the GFCs are mounted on 4-door Tacomas with long beds. TRD off road models of course, providing for the ultimate go-anywhere Montana road-tripping machine. The Tacampers will also serve as our smaller option tow vehicle, for those looking to pull one of our drift boats or travel trailers. Check out our online availability and pricing. Also check our more photos and details of our Toyota Tacoma Rentals.