1. (It’s the first and major policy of ours) You make a reservation online or by calling the office, 406-922-0179. You will need to provide a 15% credit card deposit to confirm a reservation.(It’s the major policy of ours).
  2. Two business days prior to your scheduled arrival, you will receive an email with a link to digitally sign your rental contract (we are remaining zero-contact business procedures).
  3. Most customers are choosing to pick vehicles up at our office, just a 4-minute drive from the Bozeman Airport, in order to save from being charged the BZN Airport Concession Fee (10% of your car rental total). If this is the case, you will have received a text with a photo of your rental car and how to find the keys. If you would prefer pick up at the Bozeman Airport, we have designated parking spots in section E1, the first row of parking right outside of the Departures Terminal. We will leave the vehicle for you there, texting you a photo and instructions on how to get the keys. If you are flying private, we will leave the vehicle with concierge at the FBO of your choice. If your rental originates at the Bozeman Airport or FBO, you will be charged the 10% Concession Fee.
  4. Before you drive anywhere, we STRONGLY encourage you to take photographs of each side of the car. We have a photographic record, but want you to have one, too. Transparency and honesty is what we strive for. The more info the better. Same goes for when you drop off the car.
  5. You head off to your Montana Adventure.
  6. If you are departing from the Bozeman Airport, we will have park the vehicle in section E1, in outdoor premium parking right across the departure terminal in Explore Rentals designated parking spots and text us a photo of the car right and we will pick it up right away. Please remember to take photos of each side of the vehicle for your record, before you walk away. If you did not pay the BZN Concession Fee, you will be charged $15 for parking reimbursement.


  • A 15% credit card deposit is required to confirm a booking. No exceptions, ever. If you do not have a credit card, we cannot help you. This can be completed via our online reservation system or by calling 406-922-0179, or we can email you a secure credit card authorization form.
  • Upon picking up a rental car or rental gear, a valid credit card must be provided.
  • Final payments can be made via all major credit cards, cash, local check, or previously arranged corporate invoice. All final charges are subject to audit.


  • We do not charge for an airport (BZN) pick-up and drop-offs. However, the airport requires us to charge a 10% concession fee for all rentals originating at the airport. If you booked online, that 10% is included in your price. If you wish to make your way to the office to pick up your rental, please let us know and we can deduct the 10% concession fee. You must let us know 24-hours prior to your arrival, or we will be waiting for you at the airport and will have to charge the fee.
  • No surcharge for drivers less than 25-years old (must be 21-years old minimum).
  • No charge for additional named drivers on the insurance policy, as long as they possess a valid driver’s license and are above 21-years old.
  • Mileage = within reason. Within reason is defined as an average of 175-miles per day. Example: if you rent a car for a week and go to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, this will be about 1,100-miles total, averaging 157-miles per day. Totally fine. Frankly, if you are driving more than that in a week, you are spending too much time in the car.

If you plan on driving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in a three-day rental, which would average 530-miles per day, this is totally not “within reason.” It is simply not worth the wear-and-tear on our vehicles for long-distance, short-term rentals.

We will always be flexible and reasonable with our renters. In exchange, we expect full disclosure and honesty in return. If you need to drive to Texas, tell us you are driving to Texas. We will adjust the price accordingly for the additional wear-and-tear. If you lie to us, and say you are going to Yellowstone for three days, and actually drive to Texas (it has happened before), you will be billed $.20 per mile for any additional miles over the 175-mile per day average. Example: you don’t disclose you are going to Seattle in a 3-day rental and return the car with 1,400 miles on it (466/ day) you will be charged an additional $175 (1,400 – 525 mile allotment x $.20 = $175).


  • There is a 4% Montana Rental Vehicle Tax that will be applied to your vehicle rental total. Montana Rental Vehicle Tax extends to additional rental items that are securable to the vehicle, like roof boxes and snow tires.
  • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport at Gallatin Field (BZN) requires a 10% concession fee to be applied to rental vehicles (and items attached to rental vehicles like roof boxes) originating at the Bozeman Airport, Yellowstone Jet Center, or Jet Aircraft.


  • Fuel. We ask all of our renters to return the vehicle with as much fuel as was in it upon arrival. If you run out of time or forget to do so, we will fill and charge at the current pump rate plus a $10 service fee.
  • Any additional rental gear, unless if offered within the original quote.
  • We do allow towing with some of our vehicles. There is a towing surcharge dependent upon how big and heavy the trailer is. Maximum allowable towing weight is 2,000 pounds.
  • Damage repair. All of our vehicles are very well maintained, clean, and safe. If they are returned in a condition other than the way they were received, there will be charges involved. Broken windshields, dented bumpers, flat tires, etc. Even if the damage was not your fault, you as the renter, are still responsible. We will always be as fair as possible. All final charges are subject to audit.
  • Damage to glass and windshields is a common problem in Montana. We will always try to be as upfront as possible with repair/ replacement costs, and if damage does occur we charge wholesale repair/ replacement pricing (unlike other car rental agencies who make a significant amount of money on windshield repairs). Damage to glass will be charged directly to the renter at the end of the rental. All applicable documents will be given to renter to seek reimbursement from their insurance agency. If we have to deal with your insurance agency for reimbursement, we will be forced to charge Loss of Use for the duration vehicle is being repaired, as well as the retail cost for replacement/ repair.
  • Extra cleaning/ cigarette stink/ stain removal. If you return a car exceptionally dirty, smelly, or stained you will be subject to additional cleaning/ repair/ replacement fees.

Smoking is NOT allowed in our vehicles. A minimum $400 cleaning fee will be charged if you smoke in our cars.


Travel plans change. We will always try to be as fair as possible, but we are a small business- therefore cancellations without a decent amount of notice will adversely affect our business. Think of it this way; you reserving a car means we are effectively taking inventory off of the shelf to sell to you. By canceling, you are leaving us with unsaleable inventory, which equals loss of revenue.

1. Cancellation outside of 14-days from your scheduled arrival, your 15% deposit will be refunded in full.

2. Cancellation less than 14-days of arrival date, your 15% deposit is forfeited. We will not transfer your deposit to future travel, as that is only further revenue loss for us.

3. If you decide to shorten your reservation once your rental period has commenced, you are liable for your unused days. Example: you reserve a car for 9-days and decide to shorten your reservation to 7-days last minute, you still need to pay for your 2-unused days. Think of it this way: if you order a steak at a restaurant and only eat half, you are not going to ask for a refund on your uneaten portion, correct?

4. If there is a State of Federal travel ban instituted and you are not legally allowed to arrive, we will refund your deposit in full.

5. If a member of your party contracts Covid and you choose not to come within your 14-days of arrival, you will forfeit your deposit. Same goes for bad snow, you broke your toe, poor fishing report, etc.

6. Cancellation stinks for everybody. If you stick to your original reservation, your rental with us will be the best rental car experience you have ever had. If you are the kind of person that is likely to ask for a refund on a half-eaten steak, we are probably not the right rental car company for you.

7. Sorry if you think our policy is harsh. However, we do not do last minute/ walk-in business. Therefore, if you cancel within 14-days, there is very little chance we will book that car out again. You are losing your 15% deposit, we are losing 85% revenue. It stinks a lot worse for us.

8. We will provide a 2-hour, 100% deposit refund grace period from the time of booking so you have ample time to digest these policies if you decide we are not the right business for you. Example: you put a deposit down on a rental car at 9:05am. You have until 11:04am to cancel and receive a full deposit refund, no questions asked, regardless of when the rental commencement period begins. After that, caveat emptor.

9. There are NO exceptions to this policy, ever.

10. We have tried to make these policies as apparent as possible throughout your booking process. It is impossible for you to have booked without receiving a direct link to these policies at least once.


  • We are just like any other rental car agency. You will be required to sign a Standard Rental Agreement which will provide coverages as required by Montana state minimums.
  • We recommend all US renters make sure that they have rental car coverage on their personal auto insurance policies. If renters do not have rental car coverage on a US auto insurance policy, we insist upon the purchase of our offered Rental Collision Protection insurance for an additional $19 per day. Renters also have the option to buy other, third-party primary insurance through American Express (best) or other travel insurance companies (second best). Regardless, the renter is responsible for having insurance coverage that will act as the primary in case of an accident, and for knowing their own coverages.
  • For more in-depth info on insurance, check out our FAQs: Car rental insurance explained.


We are the only rental car company that allows towing with our rental cars in the Bozeman area. Towing trailers less than 2,000 pounds is allowed only with advance permission and may require an additional fee. Towing is also only allowed with some of our rental cars. Renter waives certain rights when towing with our vehicles and assumes full responsibility for the rental cars.