Trailer Rental Policies

Warning: Renting a Travel Trailer is not like staying in a hotel room. Things do go wrong! This experience is not for everyone.

Our travel trailers come fully equipped and ready to roll, this includes high quality linens and a fully equipped kitchen. They require a minimum 3-day rental. A 15% non-refundable Credit Card deposit is required to confirm a booking.

What’s Included

The daily rental price includes everything for up to four people. The kitchen comes fully stocked for 4 (5 for our Starcraft 17BHs), this includes pots and pans, spices, kitchen tools, silverware, plates, cups, coffee press, etc. Bedding is also provided, either traditional sheets and blankets or sleeping bags with pillows.

  • Return it clean with the black and gray tanks empty and there are no additional charges.
  • If you do not bring back trailers as received, these are the fees to be assessed: $20 for propane (they are exchange cylinders, we have service at the shop so you can either replace with a full cylinder with receipt, or you will be charged $20), $150 for sewage and gray water empty, $100+ for cleaning depending on how bad it is. You do not need to refill the clean water.
  • These are non-smoking units. $500+ cleaning fee if we even get a faint whiff of tobacco or pot.
  • Renter must have full-coverage US auto-insurance that allows towing. No exceptions. This goes whether you drive your car or one of ours. As of now, this product is not allowed for those that do not have an appropriate US auto insurance policy. Sorry foreign friends. Check out the Zzz-burban or Sleep-a-Ru instead.

All renters of our travel trailers are required to sign our rental agreement and release of liability and indemnity agreement. If you are not willing to sign the agreement, than you should seek a rental elsewhere.

Renting one of our travel trailers requires additional skills and equipment. It is the Renter’s responsibility to be prepared! It is imperative you familiarize yourself with our terms listed below. If you are uncomfortable with towing and using a travel trailer, it is probably not for you. We have lots of tent options that may be a better fit!

What You’ll Need

  • Renters must verify with their auto insurance provider that Liability extends to a trailer/ towing. You will need to provide your personal auto insurance card upon renting the trailer.
  • It is the Renter’s responsibility to confirm that their personal vehicle is capable and safe to tow one of our trailers. The towing capacity and the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating for the trailer, passengers, cargo, and vehicle must not be exceeded. Specifications of our trailers are listed on their respective web pages, and in the booking engine. If renter shows up with an unsafe tow vehicle, renter will not be allowed to use trailer and all deposits will be forfeited.
  • Renter must have a 7-pin RV style wiring harness receiver. 4-pin, or “4-flat” are not adequate. 7-way trailer plugs have a 12v powered input (so the batteries of trailer charge while driving, and the fridge can be run on DC power) and an input for electric brakes- also VERY important.