Canyon Outfitter 35qt Cooler


We have found the Canyon 35 Cooler to be the perfect road trip companion for Yellowstone and Montana adventures. The Canyon’s recessed handles and hinges make getting it in and out of the car (when it is stuffed with gear) a breeze. These coolers are almost a perfect rectangle, maximizing the internal space compared to the amount of room they take up. They are way better in this regard compared to our rental Yeti 35s.

Plus, all of our Canyon Coolers are IGBC Compliant. IGBC is the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. Meaning, when equipped with locks (provided upon request), these coolers are approved Bear Resistant Food Storage containers. Very important when you are in Yellowstone and anywhere else in Southwest Montana that requires proper food storage.


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  • More insulation than just about any other cooler on the market.
  • Sized right for weekend getaways and rowdy game days when a cold beverage is a must.
  • Named the “Ultimate High End Cooler” by Four Wheeler.
  • Easily fits in a jeep or side by side for on the go access.
  • One-piece bombproof construction for a lifetime of use.
  • IGBC Compliant with locks.


Canyon Coolers

Canyon Coolers manufactures premium IGBC compliant roto-molded coolers. Featuring innovative designs and touches that make their coolers stand out in a very competitive market.


Rental – $4.00 /day

Purchase New – $189.99

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