Foam Sleeping Pad


It doesn’t get any more basic than this! 20″ wide, 72″ long, 3/4″ thick of gray or green foam. Way better than sleeping in the dirt, or put it under one of our inflatable premium Big Agnes pads for extreme comfort.


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Our foam sleeping pads are great for car camping if you are looking for an economy rate.  We recommend paying a little extra to get the maximum in comfort, but we are always happy to rent out a foam pad for added comfort.


Rental – $1.50 /day

At Explore Rentals we are primarily in the rental business. Occasionally, we sell new and used items. If the item is marked “sale” it is being sold used. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please call the office 406-922-0179. All of our rentals, and sales, begin and end at our location in Bozeman, MT.