Rental Toyota Tacomas

The ultimate road trip rental. 

Our rental Toyota Tacomas are perhaps the greatest Montana road trip rental, ever. These super-capable trucks are all equipped with the innovative Go Fast Camper shell, creating an ultra-light sleep, sleep-anywhere, adventure-mobile. All of our Tacomas are 2018 or newer TRD Off-Road package vehicles, 4-door with the 6.5′ bed. Four-Wheel-Drive of course. 

Overland rentals in Bozeman, MT 

Our rental Tacomas are pretty darn cool. Not only are they equipped with the Go Fast Campers, they also feature our custom built truck bed storage system. This system allows for convenient storage of your camping gear and personal items, emergency items such as one of our go-bags, securely stores your cooler and other bulky items, and doubles as a super comfy tailgate couch if you care to enjoy a cold beverage at the end of the day. 

Some may argue it is not a true rental “Overlanding” vehicle. We will agree. It is a well maintained, safe, and reliable vehicle owned and operated by an established and well reputed rental car agency. Explore Rentals has been around for nearly 10-years. We do not own and operate unsafe/ compromised vehicles as some of our upstart competitors may, because your safety is our top concern. Bolting on some silly stuff to the exterior of a vehicle, or changing any factory settings/ suspension, will void factory warranties and potentially create an unsafe vehicle. 

Rental trucks with snow tires 

All of rental Tacomas are fitted with premium snow tires in the winter, the custom truck bed storage is loaded with a couple of hundred pounds of sand to greatly enhance winter traction, and the Go Fast Camper shell acts a secure and lockable truck cap- making for an extremely comfortable and capable winter ski-rig. This is a perfect option for groups of guys or women that want to head to Big Sky, but are not quite on board with a rental Subaru and do not need a rental Suburban. 

In the summer, all of our Tacomas are equipped with premium All-Terrain tires. 


Explore Rentals is the original car rental and outdoor gear rental agency in the greater Yellowstone region. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible rentals for whatever your adventure may be. With well over 200 different types of rentals for outdoor adventures, we certainly have something that will make your Montana experience more fun, safe, and comfortable. And we have been the best reviews car rental agency in Bozeman for the last 8 years… 

Our location next to the Bozeman Airport, with after-hours pick-up and drop-offs possible, allows for tremendous convenience with no waiting in line, and without the hassle of dealing with a Franchise. 

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. 406-922-0179.