Rental Truck Campers in Bozeman


Meet the Ultimate Montana Adventure Vehicle. 4WD capability. Comfort of a truck camper without a massive profile. Maintains the ability to tow a boat or a trailer. This may be the perfect rig for exploring Montana.



Rental Truck Campers in Bozeman

Go Anywhere and be Comfortable

At Explore Rentals we have long sought the perfect vehicle for camping and exploring in Montana. We have taken this mission very seriously, to the point some may call absurdity. The Boss alone logged 5,000 miles between October and December camping and chasing pheasants. Between May and September, he travelled 4,500 miles fishing and camping. Just last year, and never leaving Montana. He has been doing this for a long, long time. So has everyone else that works at Explore Rentals. 

Cumulatively, we have taken these experiences and created the perfect Ultimate Montana Adventure Vehicle (UMAV). 

The Campers are being custom made and will be available in Mid-June 2019. 

Meet the UMAV

Through exploration, and experience, we have learned a thing or two over the years. Travel Trailers are great, but you can’t tow anything behind them, and you are stuck towing something where ever you go. Sure- you can disconnect and leave at the camp site, but if the weather changes, or whims change, you are stuck going back to retrieve the camper. We like travel trailers, and we rent them, but they are not perfect. 

“Campervans,” #VanLife- bro. We like campervans, and we offer custom kits that convert our rental Outbacks and Suburbans. But again, there are faults. Typically you are looking at a converted van with a bed (or in our case SUVs with a bed). Great for selfies, but not really that practical to explore Montana. Sure, you have a little more security and warmth versus sleeping in a tent. But, unless you rent from us, you do not have four-wheel-drive, bugs vs. ventilation is always an issue, heaters are rare, kitchens are rare, and no chance of having a bathroom. 

For 2018 we came up with the Tacamper. This is a #overlanding option for a little more ventilation and comfort versus a campervan. But still not a big step from sleeping in a tent. Four Wheel Drive and being able to go-anywhere is not a problem with these. 

RV Rentals: Unless you enjoy being miserable, forget it. Lumbering and gigantic, these things fall apart the moment you hit a gravel road. Of course if you read the fine print, you will see that you are prohibited from going on gravel roads. 

Our solution: the UMAV (Ultimate Montana Adventure Vehicle). Four-wheel-drive. Sleeps up to three comfortably. Kitchen. Heater. Bathroom and shower if you want it. Warmth and ventilation. Goes anywhere. 

Ski Season = Rental Trucks with Snow Tires

Once hunting season is over, we will remove the Northstar campers and replace them with traditional truck caps. We will also replace the All Terrain tires with dedicated snow tires. These will be our most affordable 4wd rentals with snow tires in the winter. 



Explore Rentals is the original car rental and outdoor gear rental agency in the greater Yellowstone region. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible rentals for whatever your adventure may be. With well over 200 different types of rentals for outdoor adventures, we certainly have something that will make your Montana experience more fun, safe, and comfortable. And we have been the best reviews car rental agency in Bozeman for the last 8 years… 

Our location next to the Bozeman Airport, with after-hours pick-up and drop-offs possible, allows for tremendous convenience with no waiting in line, and without the hassle of dealing with a Franchise. 

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. 406-922-0179. 



Explore Rentals offers premium 8-passenger Chevrolet Suburban rentals as well as Chevrolet Silverado 2500 trucks.





  • Seatbelts for 5 passengers
  • 6.5 ft. bed for storage



  • 2wd, 4WD High, 4WD Low
  • 9.7″ Ground clearance
  • DIESEL fuel, 15 mpg avg



  • All-Terrain in summer
  • Dedicated Blizzak snow tires in winter






  • Heated front seats
  • Front and back temp control
  • Dedicated snow tires
  • Power everything
  • Navigation
  • Rear cameras
  • Running boards.
  • Towing is allowed with select vehicles and circumstances.
  • Northstar Camper in Summer
  • Truck Cap in Winter


The campers are equipped with a cassette toilet and shower. A single sink with pull out sprayer, water heater, and plenty of counter space. On the counter is a top 2-burner stove to do your cooking. There is a 3-way refrigerator to keep your food chilled and accessible.  The bed sleeps two, parallel to the truck to make getting in and out easier and quieter. A small dining table pulls out to make the 3rd bed. And finally, there is a small wardrobe in the corner to keep your clothes.