River Toilet Rentals


Starting in 2024 Montana FWP is requiring the usage of portable river toilets during Smith River floats. No crapper, no float for you! Must be returned immaculate, we do not want to clean up your shit. Massive cleaning fee applies.


The Selway Fabrication Portable River toilet is the best system we have found for keeping your crap off the river. We have also been assured that the SCAT cleaning machines at Eden Bridge polish these puppies perfectly.

  • Weighs: 25lbs
  • Dual bucket design
  • Leak-proof inner tank
  • RV and SCAT machine approved
  • Rated for 60 uses

NOTE: These must be returned IMMACULATE. The SCAT machines will do an excellent, hands free, clean. However, it is RENTER’S RESPONSIBILITY to return these in a clean and sanitary manner.


If returned with ANY sign of feces, renter will be charged a $500 cleaning fee.