13.5′ SmithFly Big Shoals Raft


These are extremely sweet little boats, perfect for portaging into the smaller rivers around Bozeman. Perfect for fishing 2-3 guys and can fit in the back of a pick-up. Simply put, these are the best (and least expensive) rental rafts available!


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We were skeptical at first, but have come to really love these SmithFly rafts. They are extremely easy for 2-guys to carry into any fishing access, opening up a whole world of fishable water right in the Gallatin Valley. East Gallatin evening float? No problem. Cobblestone to the Highway? Done.

They are stable, completely fishable, and run in super skinny water. What is not to love?

We do not recommend these boats for overnight trips to anybody other than the most experienced rafters, and 1-2 people MAX at that. They are not as durable as our larger rafts (simply put, there just isn’t as much material in the boats and they are more prone to punctures), and they do not have the torsional stability to support heavy gear loads and people.

But for the West Gallatin, Upper Big Hole, and Beaverhead- these boats are AWESOME!



Northwest River Supply, out of Moscow, ID. NRS makes the best river supplies on the market. From rafts to life jackets, their stuff is as good as it gets.



Rental – $85 /day, fully rigged and ready to go. Does not come with a trailer, but available if you wish.

Staff Thoughts

This is the only raft I would ever buy. Awesome for 90% of floating adventures around Southwest Montana. Good in bigger rivers and great in smaller rivers. Love this boat! Explore Pro – Bryce

Raft Specifications

1. Gets three people on the water
2. Dry weight of raft is 120 pounds
3. 13′-6″ Length
4. 4′-6″ width
5. One piece rigid frame
6. Dierks drift boat anchor system
7. 5 position hinged front casting brace / lean bar

The base package consists of:

• 4 chambered Raft body 15″ tube diameter (Summit valves)
• Rigid inflatable self-bailing floor with dense foam pad
• Powdered coated alum rowing frame with oar locks
• Padded Draining Rowers Seat
• Two Swivel Fishing Seats – Fore and Aft
• Dierks Anchor system
• Frame Tie down kit
• Custom Camo shaft 8′ One piece Rope Wrap Sawyer SST Oars with
• Raft body carrying pack
• Dual action foot pump
• Patch kit

Included with Rental

Raft, 2-oars, anchor and anchor system, NRS dry-box containing pump, patch kit, and 3x PFDs.