Standard Car Camping Cook Kit

The standard kit has everything you need for a successful camp kitchen.  If you’re looking for everything and more, check out our deluxe camp cook kit.



Cooking outdoors does not require compromises. Included in the cooking kit: Biodegradable dish detergent Dishtowels Sponge Cutting boards (Organic/ premium as available): vegetable oil, no-salt seasoning, kosher salt, pepper, sugar, Old Bay Camp Chef Everest high pressure camp stove 2 x 20,000 BTU burners! GSI Stainless steel nesting pots (lids double as frying pans) Plastic plates, bowls, and mugs BBQ lighter Full silverware setting: salad forks, teaspoon, tablespoons, knives Cooking tools: spatula, tongs, wine key, chef knife, utility knife, veggie peeler, can opener, serving spoon, wooden spoon, silicon scraper, can coozies Plastic containers that double as a kitchen sink.