Yakima Dr.Tray Hitch Mounted Bike Rack


If you need extra storage for your bikes on your next adventure check out the new Dr. Tray hitch mounted bike rack from Yakima.


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Dr.Tray is the ultimate tray rack for your hitch. It can easily handle road, mountain, and fat-tire bikes with up to 4.8” tires. Bike clearance is top notch, with 18” between the trays. To make it even better, the bike tray spacing can be adjusted tool-free while the bikes are loaded, virtually eliminating any issues with bike-to-bike interference.

Holds up to two bikes.

The ergonomic remote tilt lever is intuitive to use and allows quick access to the rear of the vehicle as well as a convenient carrying handle. Its locking SpeedKnob™ delivers simple and secure vehicle attachment, and exceptional bike theft protection is built in with a burly SKS cable lock system. Plus, Dr.Tray is adaptable – add an EZ+1 to carry a third bike!



Yakima is our provider of rental roof boxes, ski racks, and bike racks.


Rental – $10/day

Purchase new – $650.00

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Staff Thoughts

This bike rack sweeeeeet! Super easy to take on and off, other than the fact that the rack fits so snuggly into the hitch that it is a little hard to get out sometimes. This means that it is super secure while in the receiver though. As a short person, I love not having to get onto the top of the vehicle to get bikes on and off. Loading and unloading bikes is fast and easy. The rack keeps bikes secure in all driving conditions without wearing on any parts of the bikes. Folds up and out of the way while bikes are off the rack, and also tilts down to allow easier access to the inside of your vehicle. The only downside is that it is not meant to carry over 80 lbs; which is fine for almost all two bike combinations these days. Overall a winner!

– Bryce – Explore Pro