Meet the UMAV

The Ultimate Montana Adventure Vehicle

Rental 4WD Truck Camper

We LOVE these truck campers. This was a new product line for 2019 that we have expanded on for summer of 2020.

Forget the #vanlife stuff, our truck campers are way more comfortable, get better gas mileage, and are on true 4×4 badass, diesel trucks. With a kitchen, a comfortable bed, and even a shower and toilet if you want it. Everybody that has used one of these things wonders why any sane person would want to sleep in a rooftop tent or in the back of a van. #waybetter

We call these the UMAVs. The Ultimate Montana Adventure Vehicle. This set-up is comprised of burly Chevrolet Duramax 2500HD Z71, 4-door trucks with Northstar 850SC pop-up campers. This set-up gets amazingly good gas mileage (about 17 on the highway), runs on solar so can be off-grid indefinitely, and can go pretty much anywhere you should be going. And you can still tow a raft.

The campers sleep 2-3 comfortably and are equipped with everything you need to feel at home. There is a cassette toilet, indoor and outdoor shower, plenty of counter space and storage, a dining table that doubles as a bed, a fridge, and they are ‘Sub-Zero’ insulated which combined with the furnace will keep campers cozy in all but the coldest late fall nights (the Boss and his dog camped in 2° last November and he says it was totally comfortable).

Our truck camper rentals include pretty much everything but your personal items and food. This includes all silverware, dishes, pots and pans, coffee press, spices, dish towels, cleaning stuff, etc. Does not include linens, so you can bring your own or rent one of our linen kits or sleeping bags.

So bring a friend and hit the road this summer in one of the baddest rigs on the road.

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Let the Adventure Begin.


Truck camper rentals in bozeman


If you are like many of us, you have probably wondered why people drive big pick-up trucks. Once you drive one, you will understand. These things eat highway miles. The are incredibly comfortable, get really good gas mileage (better than a Toyota Tacoma), and have a ridiculous amount of power. These trucks actually ride better with the weight of the truck campers on them. 

There is no reason to be intimidated driving these rigs. They are easy to park, have all the techno-gizmos you could want, and are not too high to worry about hitting anything. 

They are 4x4s of course, with plenty of clearance and the best Michelin all-terrain tires available. 


camper rentals in bozeman



This is a truck mounted camper that rides with you anywhere. It has a 15′ overall length, which hangs over the top of the truck. There is a 30 gal freshwater tank, 13 gal grey water tank, and 5 gal blackwater/cassette toilet. It’s hooked up with a 16,000 BTU auto ignite furnace for those chilly evenings as well ample windows for ventilation. 

The unique design of the Northstars provide awesome ventilation and views when popped up. These are non-AC units, ’cause you would need to plug into shore power and we are all about being off-grid. Speaking of off-grid, the solar panels keep this puppy in juice indefinitely if it is sunny, or if you re-charge the battery by driving the truck. 



The campers are equipped with a cassette toilet and shower in what is called a “wet bath”. We have found that most people use this area for extra storage. A single sink with pull out sprayer with water heater (really nice to wash your face on a chilly morning), and plenty of counter space. The two-burner stove will get things cooking quickly. The fridges are new generation electric technology that has proven to be literally 1-million times better than traditional RV 3-way fridges. It runs off the solar panel and AGM battery flawlessly. There is a queen size bed up top, parallel to the truck to make getting in and out easier and quieter. A small dining table pulls out to make the second bed (72″ long). There is a small wardrobe in the corner to keep your food or clothes, and tons of space under the bed for storage.