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Guaranteed Four Wheel Drive SUV rentals in Bozeman. Yes. Guaranteed. Unlike our Competitors, we only have 4wd Suburbans, therefore, there is zero chance on not getting a four wheel drive rental. Oh- and all of our Suburbans have true, dedicated, snow tires in the winter; the single most important safety feature when driving to Big Sky. 

Whether you are fly-fishing or moving the whole family to Big Sky for your winter ski trip, nothing else on the market offers the comfort, size, and yes, fuel efficiency of a Suburban (no other one car can move as many people (8) and as much gear at 23-mpg). Explore’s rental Suburbans are all premium package vehicles with upgraded 10-ply tires; truly a game changer when it comes to safely exploring Montana’s backroads. Our rental Suburbans are the best value ‘Premium SUV Rentals’ available in Bozeman and are the only ones that can safely take you to all the good places off the beaten path. We do not substitute inferior Ford Expeditions or smaller Nissans/ Toyotas. We only rent Chevrolet Suburbans.

Explore is the only company in Bozeman that offers rental Suburbans with upgraded Load Range E (10-ply) tires, and snow tires guaranteed on our standard class rentals. If you have been out to Montana and rented a Suburban before, and have gone anywhere on a gravel road, you know how important this is. We have heard numerous stories of people renting Suburbans from franchise companies and getting up to 5-flat tires on a 10-day fishing trip. We also know that if you are renting a Suburban, you are doing something fun out-of-doors, so all of ours also have Weathertech floormats to make your life a little cleaner.

We offer 3-different classes of rental Suburbans. All are premium LT or Z71 packages, meaning power everything, heated seats, leather, etc.

Our least expensive option are our Super Roadwarriors. Next in line are our Roasdwarriors, which are a couple of years old. And then we have our standard class- which are pretty much brand new. 





  • Seats 8 including driver and passenger
  • Large rear storage area
  • Back rows of seats fold down for more storage



  • 2WD, 4WD High, 4WD Low
  • 7.9″ Ground clearance
  • 23 mpg on highway



  • All-Terrain in summer
  • Standard is equipped with Blizzak snow tires in winter






  • Heated front seats
  • Factory mounted cross bars for skis and roof boxes
  • Front and back temperature control
  • Power everything
  • Rear backup cameras
  • Running boards
  • Towing is allowed with select vehicles and circumstances
  • Weather Tech floormats


I think its RARE to find a company that promises more and actually over delivers! I just rented a Suburban from Explore for an 8 day family vacation (6 adults) and to say that we were pleased is a giant understatement. From the advance communications to the welcoming reception to the knowledgable support, Explore delivers BIG time.

Jeff H.

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These Suburbans come with all the bells and whistles. They have a variety of settings on the dash that allow you to check on your car all while cruising down the highway. Most are equipped with navigation and Bluetooth to play your favorite songs. The seats are completely powered to move to adjust as you wish and has a great field-of-view out of the windows. 


Our Suburbans are equipped to seat 8 total. There are 2 rows of 3 seats in the back, all capable of folding down or being removed. After the middle seat has been folded down, there is more than enough room for an adult to get into the back row of seats comfortably. 

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Even with all the seats up, there is a big area for your bags. If that isn’t enough room for you, the back row of seats can fold down completely flat and the middle row will fold up to give you over 5 ft. of storage room. 


This is what you can expect when you rent a Suburban with Explore Rentals. In this video we will show you how to operate a few of the new features these Suburbans have.


The 4wd system in the Suburban really comes in handy for winters out in Montana. Here, we’ll go through and explain when to use each setting of the 4wd.