Following are excerpts from your website. I found it to be right on. Thanks for doing what you do.

“Meanwhile, an unexpected twist has developed. I have fallen head over heels in love for Montana. The people, the water, the mountains, the open space, the small towns- everything. Our primary model can be summarized in one simple word, share.”

My son Jordan and I had a great experience in Montana and Yellowstone using the nice Subaru Outback we rented from you. We did most of the things you suggested and enjoyed them all. And the car performed beautifully. I hope you found it where we left it at the airport parking lot. I’m afraid it was a lot dustier than when I picked it up – unless yesterday’s rain washed it off. We didn’t have any rain on our Friday, Saturday and Sunday adventures.

I took the Hwy 86/US 89/Brackett Creek Rd loop you told me about and ate lunch at the Wilsall Café. We took the Trail Creek Rd route toward Gardiner. We ate at The Garage in Bozeman. We followed your advice about the bears. Not a trace of a bear on our hike. Everything was just as good as you promised.

We are eagerly looking forward to our next opportunity to return to Montana.


R.G., Missouri