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Explore Rentals has been renting rafts since 2015. The quality of our boats, and the way we rig our boats, is superior to our competition. The owner of Explore has guided river trips in Alaska, Russia, and Mongolia- and his attention for detail is reflected in the way our raft rentals perform. At the end of the day, he uses these boats, too.

We understand that each rental has different needs, and are happy to assist our customers in the way the boats are rigged. Whether you are doing a multi-day trip on the Smith or Blackfoot, a hardcore fishing trip on the Madison, or doing a social float on the Yellowstone- our rental rafts can be quickly rigged for a multitude of scenarios.

Rental rafts in Bozeman
bozeman raft rentals


Here at Explore Rentals, we do not cut corners. We learned a long time ago that if you have inferior outdoor gear, Montana will eat your lunch. As a result, we have chosen to only offer rental NRS and STAR river rafts. NRS is a name everybody knows of course, Star has been around forever (recently acquired by NRS) and has been the leading producer of commercial use boats for a long time. In addition to awesome boats and accessories, we also rent camp cooking gear from Camp Chef and GSI, Yeti Coolers, UDAP IGBC compliant food storage solutions, and almost the full line of Big Agnes camping gear. Oh- we also rent Simms waders and boots along with Echo fly rods.


Back for 2020, our rental rafts are 15′ Star Outlaws and 13.5′ Smithfly Big Shoal’s. Star is NRS’ commercial line of boats. Unique to these models are their drop-stitch floors. This is the same material that stand-up paddleboards are made of. It is extremely durable and is able to be inflated to a much higher PSI creating a stable floor, which means it is much easier to stand-up and cast, move around the boats, and to pack your gear. These boats are self-bailing. We have chosen 15′ rafts in order to comfortably accommodate three people and gear for multi-night trips, while the Smithfly’s are better suited for day trips and smaller streams.

Bozeman Raft RentalsBozeman Raft Rentals

Superior Rental Rafts for Overnight Adventures

Our rental rafts are painstakingly chosen, outfitted, and designed for overnight river trips. We have spared no expense to ensure our renters will have the safest, most comfortable, Smith River or any other river camping experience. The owner of Explore has professionally outfitted river trips in Russia, Mongolia, Alaska, and Montana- just to name a little bit of his experience. That knowledge, combined with the largest inventory of rental outdoor gear in Montana equals an unparalleled quality of product and experience.


Starting at the stern: we have equipped our rafts with an anchor system. Many paddlers may opt to leave the anchor with us, but anglers often prefer the ability to drop anchor in some of the deeper holes rather than trying to hold the boat in the current. The anchor also makes mooring the boat at night easier, as well as shore/ beach breaks. A 20lb river anchor and 50′ of anchor line are included with the rental. Our rental rafts are equipped with the deluxe NRS high back seats, on swivels, for the stern position. This seat can be removed if the renter wishes to maximum gear-hauling capacity. 



For the rower, we have definitely not compromised. Counterweighted 9.5′ Cataract rope-wrapped oars with Sawyer Cobra oar locks. For those that know, this is a significant upgrade. We have also equipped the boats with an extra oar and oar tethers. 

The rower’s seating position is a high back seat over an NRS aluminum Eddy Out dry box. The seat is mounted on an NRS Flip Seat Mount. This combination provides for a very stable seat, but also easy access to the dry box. We have found this combination is very comfortable to row from, and being a drop-stitch floor boat, a breeze to access your gear while floating. Our boats also have the NRS Deluxe Foot Bar, rather than standard foot bars that take up a ton of room and offer inferior bracing. The dry box is topped with a foam pad. Flip the seat up and you have an awesome spot to stretch out and catch some ZZZs. 

Inside the dry box you will find some items crucial to safe float. This includes: 3 NRS Adult Life Jackets. A super awesome K-Pump for topping off the rafts. A repair kit, and an NRS Paddler First-Aid kit. Ample room remains in the dry box, and is a perfect spot to store anything you want quick access to but you do not want to float in the river. We do not encourage the removal of our dry boxes from the boats. 


Our boats a primarily rigged for fishing, but we do have the option to alter the seating to have a bench seat, or to use a cooler for seating, in the bow versus a single seat. Bow angler seating is managed via a high-back swivel seat, mounted to a flip seat mount. This seat is configured to rest on top of a cooler. Explore Rentals also rents IGBC compliant coolers, this is an add-on. Unless requested to be excluded, we also include a leg brace for stability while standing and casting. A throw rope is also included and accessible by the bow angler and rower. 




We have had raft trailers custom made to meet our specifications in order to deal with the extremely demanding Smith River Shuttle. Upgraded tires, larger wheels, and beefed up all around create what we are calling “The Smith River Express.” A little less tangible, but perhaps even more valuable, is our experience. Explore Rentals consists of a group of people that live to spend time on the water. As a result, the quality of our rentals items and the preparation of our rigging is really, really good. 




Explore Rentals has the largest inventory of rental outdoor gear around. Most likely we have the other items you may need, or want, that will make your Smith River experience memorable. Check out our online catalog for pricing and availability of the hundreds of items we have available. 





We love river trips, and we are pretty darned good at them. Explore Rentals has everything you can imagine for the most comfortable, and fun, river trip. Our Big Agnes Sugarloaf shelters are the perfect gathering point for dinner with protection from the elements and insects. The superlight Helinox chairs and tables can play double duty for off-the-grid cornhole competitions. Rental Alps Mountaineering ReadyLite Cots will give you a great nights sleep without weighing down your boat. We literally have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a river trip. 

Just because you are camping a million miles from nowhere, does not mean you have to be uncivilized! 

river camping rentals in bozeman, MT


Step 1.

On our Reservations page, enter your requested rental dates. Available inventory of each item will be displayed. Select what you desire and add to your cart.

Step 2.

Verify your Cart and rental dates/ times. A 15% credit card deposit is required to confirm all bookings. You will be prompted for flight info and contact info, as well as the CC deposit.


Pick up your Smith River Rentals at the shop. We are happy to help rigging and customizing your rental boats.  Go and enjoy! 


At the end of your trip, return all rentals to our shop, your CC on file will be billed the balance due. We hope you have some epic photos to share! 

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Explore Rentals has been providing superior outdoor gear rentals since 2011. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible rental gear for outdoor adventures so comfort and safety is never compromised. Through many years of professional guiding, our experience enable us to provide better products for Montana adventures. 

Come say hi at our shop next to the Bozeman Airport, of give us a call at 406-922-0179 to start planning for your adventure.