Sleeping System Rental in Bozeman, MT


Waking up to the aromas of pine and fir trees to some is more refreshing than the stale sheets of a hotel. If this is you then check out our wide selection of sleeping gear for your next adventure. We currently offer Big Agnes sleeping pads and sleeping bags in a variety of temperature ratings from 30 degrees down to our elk park -20 degree bags. Bags are available in down and synthetic fill. Sleeping pads are air filled for packability and comfort.

If you prefer not to sleep directly on the ground. Try one of our Alps Mountaineering Cots. Still small enough to put in a backpack and can be used in combination with a sleeping pad for the ultimate nights rest outside.

How to choose your bag:

Every company exaggerates when it comes to the temperature range of their sleeping bags. Sure, you could get away with a 15° bag in 15° weather, but it will be a cold night of sleep. What we typically recommend is checking the weather before you grab your gear. Then when you go to pick your bag, get the bag that is 2 steps below the actual temperature. Say it will be 35° lows on your camping trip, instead of getting the 30°bag, get the 15° bag. You can always unzip it if you get too warm. 

ZZz- Burban - sleep set upDown or Synthetic?

Synthetic is typically the cheaper option but more common. They don’t pack as well for backpacking trips, taking up a lot of room in your pack. We have different ranges of synthetic bags from 30°,15°,0°, and -20°. For summer in Montana, the 30° bag will be perfect. If you sleep cold, you should look at the 15° bag.

Down bags are generally warmer as most are 800 fill power. This means for every ounce of down (typically goose) will fill 800 cubic inches of space. This keeps you warmer and lasts longer than synthetic bags. Down bags in stuff sacks pack smaller and easier allowing them to fit into packs nicely. The negative about using down bags is if they get wet for too long, they will lose the loft and therefore not be as warm.

So, before you choose, think about what type of camping you’ll be doing. Car camping around Yellowstone, a synthetic bag will be great. If you are backpacking, down will suit you better allowing it to stuff into your pack. 

Sleeping Pads 

The number 1 step to stay warm at night doesn’t come from your sleeping bag. It comes from getting off the ground. If there is no barrier between you and the ground, you will lose all of your body heat. A cot or sleeping bag will keep your body off the ground enough to keep you warm. The ideal set up is a cot, sleeping pad, and warm bag. 

Sleeping Bag rental in Bozeman, MTThere are a few different styles of pads each warmer than the next. Our foam pad is the least warm but still better and more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Inflatable pads are the next step up. These pads are lightweight and very easily packable. Once inflated, you could sleep on small rocks without noticing them. The air in the pad will grab your body heat while sleeping and keep you warm from below. Lastly, we have inflatable foam pads. Essentially it works the same as the regular inflatable pad but is larger and not as collapsible. 

The inflatable foam pads are generally used for car camping as they are more comfortable and would recommend using those if you have enough room. Inflatable air pads are the way to go if you are backpacking into the mountains. Every ounce counts when your hiking up the mountain. 


Cots are pretty self-explanatory. They are not essential to good night sleep, but you will be 10x more comfortable in your tent. Cots are typically used for car camping because you will have more room. We do offer backpacking cots from Alps and Helinox that are incredibly lightweight and packable. They take less than 2 minutes to set up and will definitely enhance your night of sleep. 

If you have room, I would recommend bringing both a cot and pad. It will be like sleeping in your bed at home. You won’t regret it.  

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Victoria Wardle @ 02/23/2015

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Great service. Appreciate the attention to detail and being treated like a human.