4×4 Sprinter Van Rentals in Bozeman

Explore Rentals has the largest fleet of rental 4x4 Mercedes Benz 12-passenger Sprinter vans in the US. Whether you are moving a family and friends for your Big Sky ski vacation, or are a production company needed 4x4 capability- our rental Sprinter vans are the best available option- anywhere. 

In 2015 Mercedes Benz launched the 4x4 version of it’s commercial Sprinter Van. Since then, it has soared in popularity to become, literally, the most desirable and hard to acquire 4wd vehicle in the US. Explore Rentals is proud to own the largest rental fleet of 4x4 Sprinters in the entire country. 

All of our Sprinters are 12-passenger models. They are capable of seating 12-comfortably, as well as carrying luggage for 12. Sprinters are amazingly easy to drive; feeling more nimble and ‘perky’ than even our rental Suburbans. 

Our Sprinters have become the most in demand vehicles in our fleet. We are happy to remove some or all of the seats in the vans by prior request. 

COMMERCIAL RENTERS: We are happy to rent you one, or many, of our Sprinters for production shoots or other commercial use. However, a Certificate of Insurance naming Explore Rentals, and verifying Primary Coverage for the commercial entity renting the vehicles, is required. Using one of our Sprinters, or any, of our rental vehicles for Commercial Use (i.e. transporting paying guests as a tour guide in Yellowstone) voids our rental agreement. Unless you have a commercial insurance policy that covers non-owned autos, this places 100% responsibility on you personally if something happens to the vehicle during your rental period. Neither of us want this. 










  • 12-including driver and luggage.
  • Room behind seats and under all seats.



  • 2wd, 4WD High, 4WD Low.
  • 7.9″ Ground clearance.
  • DIESEL fuel, 19mpg avg



  • All-Terrain in summer, dedicated Blizzak snow tires in winter.






  • Fuel fired 24,000BTU heater.
  • Skis can fit underneath seats.
  • Dedicated snow tires.
  • Power everything, navigation, rear cameras, running boards.
  • Most are high-roof models.
  • Towing is allowed with select vehicles and circumstances.
  • May not fit in garage.


I am consistently blown away with the capability and drive-ability of the Sprinters. Whether you are cruising down the highway at 80, navigating tight parking spots, or rumbling down a gravel road; there really is nothing comparable. It is no surprise there is a 2-year waiting list to purchase a new one. 

Will C.

Owner , Explore Rentals


Mercedes Sprinters are commercial vehicles. Everything about the cockpit and driver area is much more utilitarian than one typically expects. There is bluetooth, navigation, and rear cameras in all of our Sprinters; but do not expect much from the technology being used. The driver position is very high, and there is tons of glass so minimal if any blind spots. They are a blast to drive. 


Our rental sprinters are configured to seat 12-passengers. We are able to remove some, or all, of the seats to accommodate film crews or other needs for extended cargo carrying capacity. 


The Sprinter’s have a unique set up compared to traditional passenger vans. There is a significant amount of cargo space behind the final row of seats- especially if you can stack your bags high. You can also fit luggage underneath the seats similar to an airplane. We have had 12-passengers, with luggage, in the vans with no problems at all. 


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter four wheel drive system is a little different that most current vehicles. Please watch video on how to safely engage the 4wd system. 


The Sprinter’s are a magnificent piece of engineering in some ways, in other ways, not so much! 

I thought I had already left a review, I would like to say how much I highly recommend this company. This very professional company saved our vacation. We were rented a vehicle from another company locally that was very under equipped to handle the snowfall we experienced. This company guaranteed me an awesome vehicle that would hold our party of eight and drive through the conditions very well. We were able to pick up after hours and return to the Bozeman airport! Please please please if you are looking for a great company who know how to rent vehicles that are well equipped for the area use this company. I cannot give them enough stars!!!! Thank you so much!

Kathy O.