The Adventure of a Lifetime, Yellowstone National Park

America’s first, and best national park, offers visitors stunning scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities unrivaled elsewhere in the world. Bozeman, Montana is the best start and end point for a Yellowstone adventure, and Explore Rentals is the perfect launching pad to provide everything you need to make the most of your experience. Numerous resources abound for researching Yellowstone, and we will not try to be the definitive guide here. We will continually try to improve this page by being a portal for more definitive resources.


Make the Most out of Yellowstone

What Explore Rentals can do to help you make sure you get the most out of your Yellowstone experience is to provide you with the best gear possible to ensure your comfort and safety in any possible weather conditions. In Yellowstone, it can snow in August, so if you do not have the right stuff, your life will be miserable. Explore is the only car rental agency in the greater Yellowstone region that guarantees four wheel drive and all wheel drive rental cars. Rental cars that will get you there, and back, safely and comfortably any time of year. Explore is also the world’s first provider of rental bear spray, a necessity if you are planning on doing any hiking in the park. We also rent optics, bear proof food storage containers, tents, sleeping bags, cooking kits, and anything else you can imagine.