Meet Auggie, Office Dog Extraordinaire

Our most requested rental item, and our Head of Security: Augustus de Oro y Plata, AKA Auggie. His welcoming presence in the office is a subtle reminder of all those special things about the Montana way of life that you will encounter on your trip.

Auggie is a 5-year old Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon. He is just about always at the office with the owner Will. Sometimes he is on the couch, sometimes in his ‘special place’ underneath the basement stairs, and sometimes patrolling the perimeter of the property. However, when guests arrive he places himself at the front door with a wagging tail. ¬†After a quick demonstration of his preferred Yoga position (Downward Dog), he pleasantly greets our guests and then lays down in the middle of the floor to supervise the proceeding transactions.

He is a very nice boy and an oddly integral part of the Explore Experience.