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Make sure you have a bear safe storage plan for your food.  Going into bear country comes with the risk of putting yourself and others in danger if you don’t have a food plan.  If you have a large group we recommend renting the bear fence to store all of your food.



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Store lots of food safely and within Smith River Compliance. The UDAP Bear Shock electric fence is a great way of storing your food while in bear country. This IGBC and Forest Service approved electric fence surrounds your food cache, preventing a bear from eating your pic-a-nic basket. This is an excellent solution for group trips (such as Smith River Floats), with multiple parties and large amounts of food.




UDAP, based out of Butte, MT, is our provider of rental bear spray, food storage containers, and IGBC compliant rental bear fences.


Rental – $15 /day

MSRP/ Replacement – $350

At Explore Rentals we are primarily in the rental business. Occasionally, we sell new and used items. If the item is marked “sale” it is being sold used. If you are interested in purchasing an item, please call the office 406-922-0179. All of our rentals, and sales, begin and end at our location in Bozeman, MT.


Bear Shock Food Storage electric Fence

    • 1- Padded Storage Bag
    • 1- Energizer
    • 1- Ground Wire
    • 1- Hot Wire
    • 1- Bear Safety Tips Booklet
    • 1- LED Lights ‘ Battery Operated
    • 1- LED Light Straps
    • 1- Electric Fence Placard
    • 1- Ground Rod
    • 1- Bear Mesh Fence with Posts

Bear Shock Food Storage Electric Fence $379.95

This Bear Shock Food Fence is approved for food storage and meets USDA Forest Service Recommendations.

    • up to 7,600 Volts
    • Energy Output (In Joules) – 0.35
    • Outperforms 110 Volt Energizers rated at – 20 Miles
    • 3 weeks Continual Operation on highest output
    • Easy Set-up and take down
    • Lightweight (9 lbs with batteries)
    • Requires 4 D-cell and 4 AA-cell batteries (Not Included).

How to Set Up


Staff Notes

Once you get used to setting up the Bear Shock, it will become second nature. The fence is large enough to accommodate coolers and cooking products for groups up to 8. Simply surround your pile of food and surround it with the fence and turn it on.

Education and Information

Be sure to be “Bear Aware” while hiking and camping in bear country. Follow the links below for more information and strategies for your time in Southwest Montana.

Hiking in Bear Country

Camping in Bear Country

Reacting to a Bear Encounter

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