UDAP Bear Fence


Make sure you have a bear safe storage plan for your food.  Going into bear country comes with the risk of putting yourself and others in danger if you don’t have a food plan.  If you have a large group we recommend renting the bear fence to store all of your food.


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BEAR SHOCK: Store lots of food safely and within Smith River Compliance The UDAP Bear Shock electric fence is a great alternative way for storing your food while in bear country. This IGBC and Forest Service approved electric fence surrounds your food cache, preventing a bear from eating your pic-a-nic basket. This is an excellent solution for group trips (such as Smith River Floats), with multiple parties and large amounts of food need to be protected and compliant. 1- Padded Storage Bag 1- Energizer 1- Ground Wire 1- Hot Wire 1- Bear Safety Tips Booklet 2- LED Lights ‘ Battery Operated 2- LED Light Straps 1- Electric Fence Placard 1- Ground Rod 1- Bear Mesh Fence with Posts Up to 7,600 Volts Energy Output (In Joules) – 0.35 Outperforms 110 Volt Energizers rated at – 20 Miles 3 weeks Continual Operation on highest output Easy Set-up and take down Lightweight (9 lbs with batteries) Requires 4 D-cell and 4 AA-cell batteries (Included).