Bear Spray Rental


Yellowstone National Park recommends visitors carry and know how to use Bear Spray. At Explore Rentals, we’ve been renting bear spray since 2010 and know the importance that this lifesaving tool may have. Save money, and save an item from going to the landfill, because it is prohibited by TSA to take bear spray on a plane.



We are the nation’s first renter of bear spray. Since the summer of 2010, Explore Rentals has been providing rental bear spray to locals and visitors of Southwest Montana. We have rented to thousands of visitors and take pride in providing this potentially life-saving tool. Explore Rentals is conveniently located adjacent to the Bozeman Airport (BZN) allowing for simple pick-up and returns from and to the airport.

Renting Bear Spray is an affordable alternative to purchasing. Retail value of each canister is $45+ and it is illegal to transport on an airplane in checked or carry-on luggage. This is not a product that can be simply discarded in the trash. We also offer after-hours pick-up and drop-off by advance reservation.

–  $5 per day, 2-day minimum rental ($10).

–  $25 per week.

–  $35 8 – 14 days.

–  $45 14 – 21 days.



  • Go ahead and place the 15% deposit to confirm the booking, we will amend the final amount due.
  • Comes with a holster.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at our shop only (1.5-miles east of BZN: 32 Dollar Drive, Belgrade MT 59714)
  • If you reserve for a time outside of 9am – 5pm we will leave it for you in our outside lockers and provide you the lock combination via text by 5:00pm your day of pick-up.
  • After-hours drop-off not a problem.



UDAP, based out of Butte, MT, is our provider of rental bear spray, food storage containers, and IGBC compliant rental bear fences.

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Education and Information

Be sure to be “Bear Aware” while hiking and camping in bear country. Follow the links below for more information and strategies for your time in Southwest Montana.

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