Gear Rental Policies

We will always do our best to provide the superior quality rental items, in the cleanest condition possible. In order for us to do so requires a strict set of terms and conditions, which is actually pretty reasonable. Please read the following prior to choosing to rent outdoor gear from us:

Deposit/ Reservations:

A non-refundable 15% credit card deposit is required to confirm all rental gear bookings. Rental Gear is defined by Explore Rentals as all rental items that do not have wheels, such as our vehicle rentals, of which different policies exist.

Start Date & Time:

Rental term begins at the time you schedule the pick-up for your rental items. Example: you have scheduled a pick-up at 11:00am 7/22, but do not actually pick-up until 11:00am 7/23. You will still be billed for the rental period starting at 11:00am 7/22.

Rental period explained:

  • Some items require a minimum rental period. You do not have to use the items for the minimum rental period, you just have to pay for them. Many items, like tents, require a significant amount of time to clean, inspect, and repack. 
  • We offer DAY RENTALs only. We do not bill hourly. We offer a 2-hour grace period for rental returns. Beyond 2-hours late, you will be billed for an additional 1-day rental.

Pick-Up Procedure:

  • At the scheduled time, come by the office to pick-up rental gear. We will have your requested items set aside and ready for you. We are happy to go over set up procedure and inventory of items with you, as well as add any items that may be available.
  • We operate almost exclusively on an appointment basis, as we like to spend time with our customers and need to manage time accordingly. If you are unable to make your scheduled time, please call.
  • If we do not hear from you within 2-hours of your scheduled pick-up time, we will cancel your order. No refunds of deposit will be issued.
  • During the pick-up procedure, you will need to provide a valid credit card for the balance of rental items.
  • Depending on what is in your rental gear package, this pick-up process can take from 5-minutes to 30-minutes.

After-Hours Pick-Up:

We do offer after-hours pick-up services. These services require credit card payment in advance. Please call the office for details 406-922-0179, or if you choose to book online and provide a pick-up time after our closing hours we will email you with the after-hours protocol.

  • Your rental items will be stored in one of our lockers outside of our main entrance. 
  • We will text you a photo of your locker and gear, and combination to the locker. 
  • Please sign the rental agreement we have left for your in the locker, take your gear, leave the rental agreement. 
  • Go have fun! 

Drop-Off Procedure:

  • Simply come by the office at the scheduled time to return items.
  • Please do your best to dry any rental items and to return them in clean condition. Excessively dirty items may be subject to an additional cleaning fee.
  • Inspection of the rented items will take place AFTER you drop off, therefore, all final charges are subject to audit.
  • If there have been any accidents, damages, or ‘mishaps’ with any rental equipment please REPORT UPON RETURN. It is much easier for everybody to discuss repair/ replacement costs in person.
  • The rental period is considered concluded once an office member approves the safe return of rental items.

After-Hours Drop-Off:

A secure drop-box is available for after-hours drop-offs. Advanced agreement with the office is required for after-hours return of rental items.

Damage and Repairs:

Explore takes great pride in offering the best available rental camping gear on the market. All of our rental gear is ‘tried and true’ for the Montana Outdoors, cleaned and inspected before and after each rental. If rental equipment is set up and used correctly, it will provide a trouble-free and comfortable outdoor experience.

  • The primary Renter will be held responsible for any damage to rental items during the rental period.
  • UNLESS damage to rental items is clearly the fault of a manufacturing defect and liable to FULL warrantee replacement by the manufacturer, Renter will be responsible for reimbursement of current MSRP of rental items. Explore Rentals cannot be held liable for manufacturers defects but will make all reasonable efforts to rectify the situation.
  • In the case of biological staining, including, but not limited too: urine, vomit, milk, blood, feces; Renter will be responsible for the full replacement value of rental item according to current retail MSRP. No exceptions. We will not rent out something again that has been soiled with something that came out of the body. If upon inspection of rental items after return, we smell or see anything that came out of a body, the renter’s card will be charged full replacement costs.
  • In the case of excessive dirtiness, Renter may be liable for commercial cleaning fee (tents from $60, sleeping bags from $40).
  • All kitchen items are expected to be returned clean. Dirty dishes will be subject to a $40 cleaning fee.
  • Renter will be charged replacement fee, service fee ($40), and all shipping for any missing parts. If replacement parts are not available, Renter may be charged for complete replacement of the entire rental item.
  • If the damaged item is repairable by the manufacturer, the renter will be responsible for all repair fees, all shipping, a $40 Service Fee, and any LOSS OF USE incurred by Explore Rentals as a result of damaged items not being available for reservations while being repaired.
  • Renter is responsible for returning all rental items in ‘as received’ condition with the exception of washable bed linens, sleeping bag liners, and consumable food items.
  • Theft/Loss/Non-Return. You, the Renter, are responsible for each rental item at all times from the point you receive it until it is returned.
  • Weather Related Damage/ Acts of God/ Animal Damage/ Terrorism/ Vandalism: regardless if a bear ate your rental tent or a tornado sucked it into the clouds, The Renter is responsible for each rental item at all times from the point you receive it until it is returned. No exceptions.