For the past three years Bozeman local business, Phasmid Rentals, has been a forerunner in sustainable tourism in Montana. Phasmid continually pursues methods to educate visitors on how to act appropriately in efforts to preserve Montana’s rich sporting history, public land access, and tourism economy.

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Posted date: May 29, 2013
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Bozeman, MT. May 29, 2013- Bozeman, Montana business Phasmid Rentals seeks to increase the education of non-resident Montana big game hunters in efforts of minimizing human and Grizzly conflict by using Bear Spray instead of a gun in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

For 2013 Montana has created a quota for 17,000 non-resident Big Game General Combination Licenses (deer and elk), the majority of which will be hunting in an area of Southwest Montana established as the Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone. This area surrounding Yellowstone National Park poses the greatest chance of human injury due to bear attack in the lower-48, with the vast majority of conflicts occurring during hunting season, with backcountry elk and deer hunters being at the greatest risk.

The killing of bears in defense by hunters is the greatest source of human-caused bear mortality. Phasmid Rentals aims to minimize unnecessary Grizzly mortality by educating non-resident hunters on how to interact in Grizzly country safely and affordably by renting Bear Spray and learning how to correctly use it.

“We identify that hunting in Montana as a non-resident is expensive, and the thought of spending another $50 on Bear Spray isn’t desirable. Therefore, we have created our rental program to reduce the costs so non-resident hunters will actually carry Bear Spray, and not solely rely on their firearm for defense if an interaction does occur,” states Will Casella, owner of Phasmid.

Cumulative research has established that Bear Spray is more effective in stopping a bear attack, with less chance of human injury than using a firearm. Further, a bear that is sprayed will likely retain a negative association with humans and avoid conflict passing this knowledge on to future generations, where a bear that has been shot is simply dead. By using Bear Spray we can essentially increase the rate of evolution, and further find a compromise between the natural and human world strengthening our natural ecosystems.

“It is imperative that all backcountry users have knowledge of their environment. For those that do not live in Montana, it is difficult to conceptualize that the risk of a Grizzly interaction while hunting is very real. Hunters are at the greatest risk because the most common ways of avoiding interactions; making noise, being seen, and smelling like a human are undesirable traits while stalking. Carrying and using Bear Spray, versus relying on a gun, is imperative to the conservation and balance of our ecosystem in the future- something that all of us as hunters should feel obligated to preserve as our legacy.”

Phasmid Rentals will donate $5 to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for each non-resident hunter that rents Bear Spray during their 2013 Montana hunt. For hunters that prefer to purchase Bear Spray, Phasmid will provide demonstration and use of inert training cans at their office free of charge.

Phasmid Rentals identifies education of non-resident hunters to be paramount in the protection of Grizzlies (and humans) and the continuation of Montana as a sportsman’s paradise for future generations. In addition to renting Bear Spray, Phasmid rents everything the outdoorsman needs; from Chevrolet Suburbans and Outfitter tents to waterfowl decoys and fly-fishing gear.