Hot off the truck, Beast II arrived today on the flatbed express straight from California. One of only 17 standard roof Mercedes Benz 12-passenger 4x4s currently available in the country. Pretty darned good looking in graphite gray with black interior.

In September 2016 Explore Rentals became the first rental car agency in the USA (maybe the world) to rent the Mercedes Benz 4×4 Sprinter Vans. After a long wait and grueling search, we were able to secure a 2017 Sprinter 4×4 to add to the fleet.

These 4×4 vans are quite literally the awesomest thing around. Anybody can drive/ rent a Suburban. You want the baddest rental on the road for your ski trip? Explore Rentals is the only place in the country that has got them. Check out rates and availability for rental 4×4 Sprinters.