Explore Rentals is your one-stop shop for raft rentals in Bozeman, Montana. From boats, to dry bags, water filters, and paco pads, we have everything you need to make your river trip a once in a lifetime adventure. 

At Explore, we currently carry two different raft models, with extensive inventory in each. 


First up is the workhorse, the NRS Outlaw 15′. Coming in at 15 feet in length, this raft can take anything you throw at it. From a multi-day Smith River trip to a day float on the famous Madison River near Bozeman, the Outlaw can handle it all. Big enough to accommodate 3 people and enough gear for a multi-day trip, the NRS Outlaw is our go-to boat. The raft comes rigged and ready to go, with a trailer. All you’ll need is a cooler, your fishing rod and a couple of cold ones for the float. If you’re looking to spice it up with extra gear like dry bags, water filters, cooking kits, tents, sleeping pads, solar panels or more, no need to worry – we can outfit your entire trip! 

Work with the Pros 

At Explore, we eat sleep and dream river trips. This means that when you rent with Explore, you get to work with river running Pros. With decades of rafting and fishing experience between us, we’ve come to know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why all of our boats come custom rigged for the best performance possible. Custom made running boards make walking up and down the raft and strapping down additional gear a breeze. A casting brace on the bow seat allows anglers to throw files from the front of the boat without losing balance. 

Smithfly Big Shoal 13′

The Smithfly Big Shoal is a fan favorite. Big enough to fit 3 people, yet light enough to easily carry by hand, the Smithfly is our go-to quick trip boat. Weighing in at just 130 pounds and 13 feet long, two people can easily lift and carry the Smithfly. Another huge advantage of the Smithfly – no trailer is needed. That’s right, just toss it in the back of the pickup or strap it down to the roof rack, and off you go. Sturdy and stout enough to handle large rivers like the Maddison and Yellowstone, yet small and nimble enough to navigate thinner waters like the Henrys Fork, the Smithfly is a great option for a day float on any of our world famous local water just a stone’s throw from Bozeman. 


Whether you’re headed for a multiday trip on the Smith River, a leisurely float along the scenic Grey Cliffs of the Maddison, or fishing hard along the Yellowstone, Explore Rentals has everything you need to make it a float to remember. 

For more information, call us at 406-922-0179 and let us help you have the trip of a lifetime.