Always safer, sometimes cheaper rental SUVS at BZN.

Insane car rental prices at BZN got you down? 

Well, we can’t blame you, but we can offer you a better option! Explore Rentals offers guaranteed 4WD and AWD rental SUVs and trucks only, and for a fair price. Located right next to the Bozeman Airport, BZN, Explore Rentals provides not only a convenient location, but also an option to save a little money (10% of your total rental cost) by picking up your rental car at the office rather than the airport. How to Save Money on BZN Rental Cars.


Guaranteed 4WD and AWD rental cars at BZN, at a better price. 

Thats right, Explore Rentals 100% guarantees a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive rental car. We won’t guarantee to always have the best price, but when the competition is charging $600 for a rental Suburban, per day- we guarantee to beat that price. 

How do we do it? Simple. We are a locally owned, truly independent car rental agency. This means we get to pick and choose what rental cars we have, and we only buy Subaru Outbacks, Toyota Tacomas, Chevrolet Suburbans, and 12-passenger Mercedes Sprinter vans. Every one of our rental cars is 4WD or AWD- including our 12-Passenger 4×4 Rental Vans. There are no rear-wheel-drive Suburbans shipped up from California at this business! 

As far as pricing goes, I have said it for years- we are in this game for the long-haul, and we want repeat guests- so we don’t price gouge. Very often we are 100% booked out with all of our rental SUVs, most often because our repeat guests book them months in advance. Sometimes we have some of our rental SUVs available for last minute renters, and we always try to keep our prices as fair as possible. Give us a call as we can usually work something out. BTW- you will always talk to a human- in Bozeman. 406-922-0179. 





Rental cars at BZN with snow tires

We are one of the very few rental car agencies anywhere, and the only one in Bozeman to our knowledge, that put snow tires on our rental cars. This may seem crazy, but it is true. It is extremely expensive, and storing tires is a huge pain in the butt. We do it, because we want you to be safe. The drive from Bozeman to Big Sky can be absolutely treacherous. The state makes a tremendous effort maintaining the road, but it is a curvy mountain road with a river on one side and a cliff on the other. In the winter. It can get really, really nasty. Put it this way- I would not ever send a friend or family down that road without four-wheel-drive with snow tires. This has long been one of our favorite articles written about our company. How to rent a car that will keep you alive in Montana.


Better Rental Cars for Big Sky

Why do we say this? Because it is true. We are the only rental car agency in Bozeman that guarantees a 4wd or AWD rental car. We are the only car rental agency in Bozeman that will provide a rental car with snow tires. If you are headed to Big Sky in the winter, you are coming for the snow. To risk the safety of your family and friends with an inferior two-wheel-drive vehicle with crappy tires is just plain crazy. 



Step 1.

On our Reservations page, enter your requested rental dates. Available inventory of each item will be displayed. Select what you desire and add to your cart.

Step 2.

Verify your Cart and rental dates/ times. A 15% credit card deposit is required to confirm all bookings. You will be prompted for flight info and contact info, as well as the CC deposit.


Pick up your rental car at the office at your scheduled time. If you are picking-up after-hours, we will be in touch with you about our Protocols.  Big Sky is awesome, go and enjoy! 


Prior to your departure flight, swing by the office to drop off your car. If it is prior to our 9am open, you can leave the car at the Bozeman Airport. Your CC on file will be billed the balance due.


In February of this year, I went with my husband and several of his colleagues and spouses to a conference/ski trip in Big Sky. We rented a Suburban from Will at Phasmid Rentals. Two of the other people in our party rented Suburbans from airport rental chains. All of our vehicles were essentially identical- four-wheel-drive, comfortable, and clean. But whereas my friends had to wait in line at the airport, Will met us at baggage claim and had the Suburban ready just outside the terminal exit. Will gave us some directions and suggestions for getting where we needed to go. My husband signed the contract and we were on our way while everyone else was still waiting for service. Oh, and We paid less than they did!

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We had planned to return the Suburban the day before we flew back to Charlotte, but we had a last-minute change in plans and wound up needing a vehicle for one extra day. Another group had already reserved the Suburban for the following day, but Will let us (now just my husband and I) use a Subaru for an additional day without charging us extra. This was a local company I can get behind, with a personable touch that the national chains didn’t have! We were extremely happy with our experience with Phasmid Rentals and recommend them highly for any rental needs (they rent outdoor gear also) you may have in the Bozeman/Big Sky area.


Rebecca R. Orangeburg, SC

I was in the Bozeman area for a few days and needed a rental car to visit some land I bought in a relatively remote area of the state.  After checking out the national brands, I came across Phasmid and liked that they had the exact type of vehicle I needed (a Subaru wagon) at a decent price.  So while I knew nothing about Phasmid, other than the Yelp reviews, I figured a local company was worth a shot.

I don’t think I’d ever use anyone other than Phasmid in future trips to Bozeman.  First, they met me at the airport and drove me to their lot (about a mile or so off-airport) to fill out paperwork.  It was a very friendly way of arriving and everyone there helped with information

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about the area.  While I didn’t use any of their complimentary services (camping, fishing, etc.), another customer who had rented a Suburban with a camper was just returning and raved about the experience.  I have every reason to believe that Phasmid can outfit your outdoor adventures in a way that the national brands can’t.  

My car was a “road warrior” (higher mileage car) but it drove like a new car.  I drove a lot of miles and saw the odometer turn over to 70,000 miles during my trip but I bet most people would have thought it was a new car based on how it drove and the interior comfort.  

The return of the car at the end of was very easy…I drove to the Phasmid office, filled out the paperwork in a matter of a few minutes and they drove me back to the airport.  

Even if Phasmid had been more expensive than the national chains it would have been a good experience.  Phasmid was actually cheaper for the type of vehicle I wanted.

This is the company you want to rent a vehicle from if you’re looking for something that is SUV-ish, particularly if you are also going to be camping, fishing, skiing or exploring the back country.

Way more than 5 stars!

Jay L., Danville CA

I encourage you to rent from this company they saved our vacation. We were given a vehicle from another company from the airport and that car could not handle the conditions and had to be towed. On a very busy holiday weekend in January this company was able to offer my family of eight adults a great vehicle for the rest of our trip. We picked the vehicle up at our convenience after hours and were able to drop off at the airport. This car was very safe and very well equipped to handle the abundant snowfall we experienced. We cannot thank this company enough for such awesome service! I would give them more stars than are allowed! They were awesome! We will remember you when we return. Thank you so much!

Kathy O.


Explore Rentals is Bozeman’s original, independent car rental and outdoor gear rental agency. We have been Bozeman’s best reviewed car rental business since we started in 2011. Offering only 4WD and AWD rental vehicles ensures our customers will be driving the safest, and best rental cars available.

Located right next to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), we are able to provide extremely convenient, and superior, services to our guests. If you have any questions, or would just like to chat- give us a call: 406-922-0179.