Here is an article that our friends at the UBAG blog found recently published in the Huffington Post , rating Bozeman as one of the top 5 international (closeted) gay travel destinations. Congrats Bozeman (and Montana!), for entering the real world!

Although the recommended venues are outdated, as in literally, blown up, Bozeman is currently a thriving destination with a blooming food scene and wonderful locally owned shops and galleries. Our Blog is a great starting point for planning your Montana adventure – whatever your goals may be.

In 2013, the Hufffington Post rated Bozeman as one of the top 5 International gay travel destinations. There are some faults in the brief blog post from, namely the tow mentioned local businesses, The Robin and Boodles, have been out of business for over 3-years. Oh well, glad to see that Bozeman is getting some well deserved press for being as open-minded and welcoming as we actually are. One thing the blog post did have right and that is “the whole point of being in Bozeman is not being in Bozeman.” Check out the full Huffington Post article.

As we recommend to all visitors who come to Bozeman, go downtown and visit the wonderful, locally owned shops on Main street. Spend an evening on the town- eat at Montana Ale Works or the Emerson or somewhere else local, have drinks at the Baccus or Plonk- then get out of town. Bozeman is a very cosmopolitan town and has many wonderful offerings- by Montana standards. Chances are if you are a visitor to Bozeman you have better restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and music then we do here. However, this is not why you come to Bozeman. You come to enjoy the spectacular offerings you do not have at home: mountains, skiing, Yellowstone National Park, rivers, lakes, etc. Get out and enjoy!

P.S. Having hosted a number of my gay friends in Bozeman, singles be warned, there are not many other singles out there and you have to look hard to find.