Rumor through the grapevine was the bite is on, so we headed up to the Sylos for an afternoon of walleye fishing and a night of camping. It was no secret that a front was moving in, but according to the weather reports we would be OK until about 1:00pm the following day.

We decided to fish the southeast corner of the lake in the shallow delta area, opting to cast crankbaits rather than troll. Second cast yielded a nice keeper, and for the next couple of hours we picked up enough for a proper campfire fish fry. Smaller crankbaits in 2-4 feet of water did the trick. Blue and silver was the best.

The wind died down completely, allowing for great evening around the campfire. Smoked trout and brie and walleye tacos that were about as delicious as can be. Ray and Judy retreated to the R-Pod and we retreated to our tent.

At exactly 11:00pm the wind shifted from south to north, and gained momentum seemingly every 15-minutes. At 1:00am, I estimate the wind was a steady 25-mph with gusts up to 40. At this stage, it was just too damned loud in the tent so we aborted to sleep in the Suburban (fortunately I put in one of the Zzz-burban set ups just in case). Although we were significantly more comfortable, it was still not a great night of sleep. The wind was so strong it was actually rocking the Suburban!

Ray and Judy slept well in the R-Pod, complaining only of the rocking action caused by the wind. They said wind noise was minimal and overall they were very comfortable.

The wind kept us on shore instead of fishing in the morning, and we abandoned for a hot breakfast in Townsend instead.