Although at Explore Rentals we do not have a superfluous list of additional fees, all of our car rental agency competitors here in Bozeman do. The following should help explain what these fees are if you do choose the competition.

The rental car business (and rental agreement) is a quagmire of small print very thoroughly designed to maximize up-selling on high revenue items and minimize cost to the franchise wherever (legally) possible.

If you choose to rent from one of the Bozeman Airport companies you will likely find at least 4-additional fees tacked on to your daily rate. This is what they are:


This amount is dictated by the Gallatin Airport Authority. The private entity that is the owner and manager of the Bozeman Airport. This fee is applicable to the daily car rental amount. Off-airport companies, like Explore Rentals, are also subject to the Concession Fee IF their renters originate at the Bozeman Airport.

Conversely, if Mr. Smith lives in Bozeman and needs to rent a car from one of the franchises at the airport, he will still be charged the Airport Concession Fee (and all of the other fees) even though he did not use the airport to fly. If Mr. Smith uses an off-airport car rental agency, like Explore Rentals, he will not be charged the 10% concession fee (or any other airport associated fees).

This concession fee is used to fund the management and operation of the airport. The total 10% concession fee ($1.9-million) in 2012 was 30% of the airport’s operating revenue.

As far as Airport Concession Fees go, 10% is fair (if not on the low-end) for on-airport car rental concessionaires. For off-airport rental car agencies, a 10% concession fee is very high compared nationally. This can only be explained by the monopoly created by the on-airport national franchises. Prior to when the national chains moved on to airport property in 2005 the off-airport concession fee was 5%.


Also known as MT RVT, or just RVT. This tax is uniform throughout Montana and regulated/ collected by the Secretary of State. Not sure where exactly this money goes, but is a pretty reasonable tax.


All things said and done, Bozeman Airport’s required fees for renting a car are pretty reasonable. As with all airports; you will save money by using an off-airport car rental agency. At the Bozeman Airport, an off-airport car rental agency will save you about 10% a day from the Facility and License Fees.