Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Explore is back with a brand new addition.


New as of 2019, Explore Rentals is looking for media savvy adventurers to share their experiences while using Explore products. If you are the type of person that loves using awesome gear in beautiful places, and are able to provide video, photography, or social media buzz- we might be able to make a deal. 

Whether you are an avid fly fishing photographer, or an influential Instagrammer- let us know what you can provide to us in exchange for some awesome deals on rental gear. We are open people, and happy to stoke people out, as long as everybody is fair and honest with each other about expectations. Give us your best pitch- whomever you are. 



Introduce yourself. Let us know about what awesome things you have done, places you have gone, and places you want to go. Please provide links to any social media profiles and examples of your work. 


What is your plan, what do you need/ want, and what can you deliver? Be as detailed as possible- the more info we get from you, the more likely we will stoke you out. Be honest, please. We like lists! 


What are your preferred dates? Can you be flexible with those dates? Summer and winter are extremely busy and inventory is often limited. Spring and Fall are some of the best times in Montana… 


Where do you plan to go? Where do you plan to share your adventures? You are certainly choosing your own adventure, but we also have a lot of experience and can recommend some great routes. 


Explore Rentals is the original outdoor gear rental agency in greater Yellowstone region. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible rental gear for outdoor adventures. With well over 200 different types of rentals for outdoor adventures, if you are going outside we have something for you. 

We expect Collaborators to be honest and responsible people. If it all works out, we are potentially providing you with assets worth many, many dollars. Things like standing on a roof of a car for a photo will result in you paying for repairs- regardless to how many Likes the photo may get. We have been down this path before, it is not cool. 

Please also note that all adventures with our gear need to start and finish at our location in Bozeman. 

Please email your pitch to and we will be in touch with you within a couple of business days, or less.