Montana is back open for business.


We are thrilled to be getting back in to the swing of things, but we are honestly scared as well. Cases of COVID in Montana are nearly non-existent right now; and we would like to keep it that way.

At Explore Rentals we have made some significant investments and improvements to our cleaning protocols. We have always prided ourselves on offering impeccably clean rental cars and rental gears, but we could not promise full disinfection. Now we can.

Everything we rent is wiped down with an alcohol based disinfectant at all touch points. The items are then moved to our UV-C light irradition/ disinfection tunnel and appropriately sterilized. Items are then sealed and dated by one of our team members who is wearing a mask and new gloves.

Further, we are working to have a completely touchless experience. All of our rental car contracts are to be signed digitally prior to arrival, and we will try to do the same with all of our rental gear contracts. We want to still offer as much personal service as possible- but from a distance. So we kindly ask folks to mask-up and sanitize their hands prior to coming into the office.

Until further notice, we will relax our requirement to confirm future reservations with a 15% deposit until 30-days prior to commencement of travel, for spring and summer 2020 travel. If you would like to take advantage of this please call 406-922-0179 or email office@explore-rentals.com rather than booking online. Or I guess we can refund your online deposit- but you need to let us know you want to do this!

We will retain our cancellation policy, which is if you cancel your booking within 14-days of scheduled arrival, you forfeit your deposit. If you cancel outside of 14-days from arrival, your deposit will be refunded in full. We will refund your deposit within 14-days only if there is another government mandated shut down. I know this is not completely risk free for you as the consumer, but our overhead to keep this many awesome rental items in inventory, and our great team on the payroll, is simply too high not to maintain this policy.

We are really, really looking forward to helping you out with an epic outdoor adventure in the near future. Until then, please don’t hesitate to give us a call if for no other reason to help you dream about coming to Montana. The crew is pretty bored right now, and if I ask them to organize another bin of rafting equipment they might kill me!

Best regards,