Bear Spray Rental Company Protests: “Not Our Guests!”

BOZEMAN- International spotlight on recent Dumb-Human-Activity (DHA) in Yellowstone National Park leaves local tourism business screaming in protest.

DHA incidence numbers are known to increase greatly during summer periods as visitors strive to ignore all Government provided literature on how to safely behave and interact with wildlife. Local business Phasmid Adventure Rentals strives to provide affordable bear safety rental options combined with first-hand education on how to behave in bear country, yet is clearly ignored by some. Phasmid, the first company in the US to rent bear spray and a forerunner in educating visitors on proper human-bear interactions, pleads that the media coverage of incident of bears trying to cross a bridge unfairly represents the bears and education visitors.

Phasmid’s owner Will Casella proudly states that none of the individuals on the bridge were his renters or guests: “In five years of renting bear spray and educating visitors of Yellowstone, not once have we had any of our renters get eaten, or humiliated in the media limelight for Dumb-Human-Activity.”