Wow- this is very disturbing. 1) If they were hunting spring bear season and could not identify black or griz, shame!  2) You are trying to kill something and it attacks you? Serves you right. 3) FOX news picked it up. And provided horrible reporting.

Man seriously injured from bear attack in Montana


It’s not known whether the man was mauled by a grizzly bear, pictured above, or a black bear. State Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens are investigating the attack, which left the man seriously injured.AP

A bear attacked a 47-year-old man while he was bear hunting over the weekend in southwestern Montana, and seriously injuring him.

The Beaverhead County sheriff’s office said the Stevensville man and his father were hunting in the Centennial Valley when he was attacked by a bear Sunday afternoon. It’s unknown whether the animal was a black bear or a grizzly.

Sheriff Jay Hansen said the man was stabilized at the hospital in Dillon before being flown to a Seattle hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

The man’s name and information on his condition were not immediately released.

State Fish, Wildlife and Parks wardens are investigating.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.