These rental cots are awesome!

It has been quite a while that a new camping product has come on the market that is an actual game changer, and this year we have found it. The Alps Ready Lite Cot is the bomb. It packs down to next to nothing, isn’t super loud to sleep on, and it is super-comfortable.

Can’t say enough good things about these. They are not very high off the ground, which is actually a plus because you can then use them in much smaller backpacking tents, and the dog doesn’t get too jealous sleeping on the ground. It is just high enough to make putting your shoes on a ton easier, and to dangle your toes off the end if that is what you like to do.

They are a full 78″ long- perfect for a tall guy and a pillow. They also boast a robust 300lb capacity. However, I have had at least 350lbs on one without a creak or groan.

As far as comfort goes, they rock. Just enough squish and give to not fully require a pad (I have been using a Big Agnes TwoTrack filled only about 25% with huge success), although if you are camping in cold conditions it is definitely recommended at the very least to add a foam pad for insulation. A major factor is that these cots are quiet. In a traditional cot, a roll over can wake up a moose a hundred yards away. Not with these bad-boys; nary a whimper on a full 180° roll.

I honestly could not imagine camping without one of these. They are indeed, a complete game changer.

Explore Rentals is the only place in the country that rents them. Trust me, at $5 per night to rent, they are worth every penny. Reserve them here:

Below is a tutorial of what you can expect and how to set it up!