Doing some comparative price checking this afternoon for a Suburban rental in Bozeman for a couple of days in September, I found this. In the past three years I have seen some insane pricing for rental cars at the Bozeman airport, but this truly takes the cake. I cannot believe that these companies have the audacity to even ask for this much money. The $1,337 per day price tag belongs to Enterprise. Hertz is actually the cheapest car rental at $712 per day.

For the record, reserving a Suburban through Phasmid Rentals in September would be $85/ day for one of our older ones and $120/ day for a newer one. And with our Suburban rentals you get 10-ply tires greatly reducing your chance of a flat tire, unlimited mileage, no-charge for additional named drivers and far better service.

The above screenshot was captured 8/15 from, do a search for car rentals BZN.